Mazda Makes its Mark

Donate a Car Canada is a go-to for Mazda donors. We have served these Canadians across the country for over a decade (Sorry, Territories, we aren't able to come up your way just yet.)! Two such donations have grabbed my attention this past month. They're doing so much good for their chosen charities!

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Cars for Cancer | One Company’s Triple Gift

Good things come in threes! One company's committed efforts in raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society has resulted in three separate vehicle Cancerdonations. That means over $1000.00 in monies toward a cause that impacts most of us -- in big ways and small. Continue reading "Cars for Cancer | One Company’s Triple Gift" →

Porsche Proceeds to Cancer Charity

When John’s ‘88 Porsche 928 rolled into our program, we didn’t know what to expect. The old girl had a lot of miles under the hood, and the transmission was done. Ontario is notoriously tough on cars (that road salt just eats away at everything), and we weren’t sure if there would be anything left of this little black beauty after almost 30 years on the road. Continue reading "Porsche Proceeds to Cancer Charity" →

’97 Ram Not Quite Ready for the Pick N Pull

Pick N Pull The family truck was like a member of the family, and a trip to the local pick n pull scrap yard just wasn’t an option when it came time to having the truck taken off the road. Yacht rails on the ‘Ram were our first clue that the donated ‘97 Dodge had stories to tell! Continue reading "’97 Ram Not Quite Ready for the Pick N Pull" →

Small Miracles, Big Impact: The Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society When I was an idealistic and invincible 17 year old girl Cancer took my Grampa. It wasn't kind. It wasn't quick. And an idealistic and invincible outlook showed its first cracks in my young life. Since that long-ago day, loved ones and friends have battled and beaten and succumbed to the many-faceted nuances of this one illness. Continue reading "Small Miracles, Big Impact: The Canadian Cancer Society" →

June Awareness | Get Involved!

AwarenessJune is a month full of awareness and opportunity for many to do good, to participate in walks and runs to support their favourite charities, or to donate their cars for a great cause! Sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide where best to donate your time or your funds, but each of us knows someone affected by disease or injury. Continue reading "June Awareness | Get Involved!" →