Cancer Charities in Canada

Cancer charities in Canada are bright lights of support and compassion. They come into our lives at the most frightening times. Moreover, they companion and teach when we need it most. Your car and truck donation dollars aid in their helping work each month!

It’s a personal thing

If you’re reading this, you could probably write this. Cancer affects all of us. Have you experienced it firsthand? More certainly, you have had a loved one who has.

My earliest memory of the disease was my Grandpa’s long and painful illness. That was almost 40 years ago. That introduction was preamble to the close-call diagnosis of many loved ones. It was the first of dear ones falling ill.

Research and medical practice have made progress, despite the many faces of this disease, in the past few decades. ‘Research and practice made possible, in large part, by donations like yours!

Canadian Cancer Society

The CCS is one of Donate a Car Canada’s most-chosen Cancer charities. It’s easy to see why! It is their vision to foster a world where no one fears cancer. With the support of volunteers and donors, they improve and save lives. They do this by taking a comprehensive approach to their work against more than 100 types of cancer. CCS funds research and provides services to those living with cancer. They are advocates on important cancer-related issues.

Alberta Cancer Foundation

Second on our most-gifted list of receiving Cancer charities is the ACF. Here’s what they value, and how they meet their marks:

Compassion – by meeting the needs of patients, families, donors, staff and volunteers in a caring and compassionate manner.

Collaboration – by working and celebrating as a team, and nurturing partnerships that add value for Albertans.

Boldness – by innovatively discovering and taking balanced risks to continuously improve.

Responsiveness – by grounding the work in purpose, propelling them to be nimble and responsive to opportunities.

Integrity – by being truthful and accountable to each other and to their stakeholders.

Energy – by seizing their purpose with energy and passion, and by bringing a generosity of spirit to everything they do.

Your region, your charity

We have so many unique Cancer charities across Canada! You can choose the charity near you to receive your vehicle donation. To see your options, visit our charities page. You can narrow this by searching, “Cancer,” and you’ll pull up our complete list of related organizations.

Listed there are Cancer care charities for children and their families. Womens’ and mens’ Cancer charities, too. Moreover, camp supports, and services for pets needing treatment are free for the choosing.

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