International Women’s Day | Invest in Her

This International Women's Day, invest in women; inspire inclusion! 'Not sure where to start? Read on...

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Donation Bin…and Beyond

From that donation bin down the block to the auction lot across town -- there are many ways to support the charity you love! Give time, stuff, or creativity. Be present, reliable, and engaged. Stay anonymous. Get loud. Support your cause, your way!

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Porsche Cayenne Donation for Humanitarian Relief

Donating as Porsche Cayenne really is as easy as 1-2-3 for donor and charity alike. Tackling the unique challenges of underground tows, cross-border sales, and special donation parameters? Well, leave that to us!

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Canadian Red Cross Classic Car Auction Update!

Humanitarian aid came riding in on fourteen wheels early this Fall! Have you been following our blog? Then you know that Canadian Red Cross donation dollars add up quickly, and a vehicle donation through Donate a Car Canada is just one way to help global relief efforts. You may also have had a taste of  how exciting the auction process can be when a donated vehicle is up for bids!

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“Can I get $11,500?” | What happens at a car auction?

This weekend's charity car auction was a great ride! Curious about what happens at a car auction? Listen to one Alberta auctioneer give it his all to raise funds for charity!

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Tee Up for Charity | Golf Tournament Season is Here

Tis the season! Canadian donors give in creative ways all year 'round. Summertime? Well, that's the time to give on the golf course!

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Donate a Car | Any Charity!

Did you know you can donate a car to any Canadian charity? Your car, your cause! Your unused, unwanted car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle adds up to valuable donation dollars for the charity you are passionate about.

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Car Donation, Canada, and you

Car donation, Canada, and your vehicle. Simple, quick, and free! Are you ready for your hard working Toyota or limping-along Pathfinder to go for her last trip? Maybe you’re ready to just see her taken off the drive-way? Or, maybe you're not quite ready to see her crushed and left in a heap at the scrap yard. Continue reading "Car Donation, Canada, and you" →

Chevy Donation | 3 Quick Steps

Do you have a Chevy donation on your mind? Did you know you can donate to any charity in Canada? It's so easy...and so free!

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