Tee Up for Charity | Golf Tournament Season is Here

Tis the season! Canadian donors give in creative ways all year ’round. Summertime? Well, that’s the time to give on the golf course!

Going for a hole-in-one — Giving through golf

Is there anything better than combining a sport you love with a cause you love?It’s a win-win! Raise critical dollars for caring works by playing a game!

That season is here. Coast to coast in Canada, golf courses are rolling out the red carpet, cranking up the BBQ, and revving up the carts. Where can you play? And who can you play for? The list of charities is much longer than you’d imagine!

In the rough about where to turn your golf tourni attention?

Let us save you a bit of overwhelm if you’re looking to support the charity you love in this unique way! I ran a Google search on, “charity golf tournaments canada.” Yup. You can imagine how long that list is!

Between now and the end of September, you could swing-and-miss your way right across Canada! No exaggeration. Every province. So many causes. You can even combine your tournament with a harbour cruise out in Vancouver.

Small towns, big cities, and rural courses alike. There are a lot of ways to play and raise donations at the same time.

So, let’s narrow the search!

Who do you really want to support?

Charitable generosity happens for all kinds of reasons.

We care about our fellow Canadians in crisis. Wild fire, floods, and trouble — we want to help.

Perhaps you and your loved ones have been tackling illness?

Your compassion might wish to spend itself on wildlife or animal shelter care.

Whether your attention is turned toward seniors, community, special needs, or the arts, there are charities ready to receive your gifts.

So, think charity first. Golf second. Search a cause that you love, combined with your location. And voila! Chances are, a nearby charity is getting ready to swing their clubs for their cause.

Making headlines across the country

Here are just a few of Donate a Car Canada’s receiving charities that are hitting the links:

In BC, play in the Big Brothers Golf Classic

Alberta is hosting the Chestermere Regional Food Bank Tourni

Raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis in Saskatchewan at the 65 Roses Tournament

Manitoba may not be the place for charity golf, but check out their Ride for a Child’s Wish event!

Golf For Kids’ Sake in Ontario

Nova Scotia is hosting an event Fore Golfers Who Care

And hit the Links for Lungs in PEI!

Beyond the back nine and into your charity purse

Play for the cause you care about! With so many play-outside weeks left in the year, now is the time to pull out the clubs and make a difference for the charity you love. Find more deserving charities on our very own charities page.

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