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Did you know that your hospital foundation can receive vehicle donations? It’s so easy to support those who have supported you and your loved ones. Turn your auto into helpful donation dollars!

Hospital foundations receiving car donation dollars daily

If you or someone you love has been well-tended by your local hospital, you get it: Gratitude. Immense thankfulness for the wise minds and soft hearts that took the best care they could. Are there glitches and gaps in our healthcare system? Certainly. But you’ve had the experience: the ones serving within it are doing their best.

You might have the experience of receiving cutting edge treatment or medical care, too? If so, giving back can be a significant part of your healing! One way to keep the lights on and the machines up and running is by donating your unused, unwanted vehicle.

Man wearing lab coat and stethoscope examines xrays black text on white background reads "Everything went perfectly!" VW Cabrio donor raises $1325.05 for local hospital foundation.

Your Honda, your hospital

Donating a vehicle to your local hospital foundation is simple, quick, and free.

Your first step is to fill in an online donation form. This will take you less than 10 minutes. ‘Need a hand? Just call in to 1-877-250-4904. Our friendly, savvy staff will get you set up in no time.

Next, you’ll get a phone call from your supporting tow agent. Remember, the tow is free! The agent will do their best to accommodate your tow timing. You can keep your license plate if you wish. If you leave it on the vehicle it will be taken out of circulation by the agent.

Finally, your tax receipt will come right to you! This happens after the agent has successfully re-sold, or recycled, your donated vehicle. They send payment for the vehicle to us so that we can disburse your gift to any Canadian charity you choose. CanadaHelps will ensure you receive the tax receipt right in your inbox.

Supporting your hospital in this way has immediate benefits for you (clear out that driveway!), and for your charity of choice. We can’t wait to serve you!

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