Beagles to Bears & Beyond | Donate a Car for Animals

'Ever wonder what your Buick has to do with Beagles...and beasts of all sorts? Donated vehicles help keep wildlife rescues, SPCA's, and humane societies thrumming. Raise a paw (or claw!) if you want to hear what happens when you donate a car for animals!

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Canada on Fire | Wildfires and How You Can Help

Wildfires are taking a dramatic toll in Canada this year. The cost in human suffering and displacement is high. Domestic animals and Canadian wildlife are affected. And the cost to infrastructure and agriculture impacts us all.

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Donate a Car | Your Local Animal Shelter

Donate a car for your local animal shelter! A rewarding experience for you; much needed funds for your furry friends!

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Vic the Vulture & Why You Should Donate a Vehicle (Part One)

Donate a Vehicle 2


What do you do when you find a vulture in your garage? Good Samaritans Laura and Mark spent their Christmas season faced with just such a question. Then? Well, wait until you see what happens next... Continue reading "Vic the Vulture & Why You Should Donate a Vehicle (Part One)" →

Giving Tuesday

November 29th, Giving Tuesday -- Canada's way of coming together to "create a tidal wave of Hope"! Give time, give kindness, give dollars and cents...or give your unwanted, unused four wheels!

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Big Support From Mini Donor

Humane Society

Calgary Humane Society and Alberta Cancer Foundation get a lot of love from DOUBLE donor. You won't believe how much this Mini Cooper donor earned for her charity!

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Animal Protection | One Company Makes a Difference

Animal protection through car donation? You won't believe how many trucks and vans Heritage Office Furnishings has donated through Donate a Car Canada! Learn about the charity they care about, and more...

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ARTS Senior Animal Rescue

ARTS Senior Animal Rescue is helping senior animals. Your old car, truck, van, or motorcycle will raise donation dollars for their work. In fact, just this Spring, they received a donation of just under $2,000.00 from a single vehicle donor!

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