Donate My Car, My Precious Car?!

“Donate my car? I taught my kids how to drive in this car. It has so many memories and it has been so good to us, how can we possibly part with it?”

These and many other emotions are often voiced to our donor care team when Donate my cara vehicle with sentimental value is donated. It’s no surprise that when a vehicle has been part of the family for many years it can be a bit of a process to let it go. It usually carries with it the hope that someone else will have similar attachment to it, or see the value that it brings because of the memories and service it has provided.

When you click the “Donate my car” button…

Sometimes the thought of recycling a vehicle with that kind of attachment to it is difficult. So, we’re grateful we have the option to auction vehicles to extend their life!

Our team feels the responsibility of ensuring donated vehicles are evaluated and processed for the best possible outcome. This is so for both the donor and the charity. How are those decisions made? It is very case-by-case. Because we treat each vehicle with respect and recognize that it can be a significant decision to just to let it go. Donating it to a charity is next level! Therefore, we are diligent in staying current with metal prices and in trends that may impact the outcome. We want your answer to the question, “Donate my car?!” to support your vision of contributing to a cause. Your donation makes a difference for others. That is the foundation of what we do.

Across the country we strive to secure agents with a heart for charities. We often receive feedback about some of our agents being absolutely FABULOUS. As Clyde describes in his own words, “I was so impressed with the service and professionalism of not only Donate A Car Canada but the men they sent to pick up my car. It took two efforts to get the car from the underground parking. I will most definitely suggest Donate A Car Canada to my friends and neighbours. Thanks again for such good service.”

Donate my car? Absolutely! My donation will help the cause I care about!

After over a decade in business and a national presence, it is both rewarding and exciting to see the widespread impact you, our donors, are having on thousands of Canadian registered charities. We love sending monetary gifts, ever month, to the causes that you are passionate about!

Our answer to the question of, “Donate my car? How can I let her go?” is that your vehicle, whether you’re emotionally attached to it or can’t wait to get rid of it, makes a difference when you choose to send it off to be used for a greater good. Way to go!

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