Donor Snapshot | KIA Kudos

Kia donors are kickin' it for charity! From Victoria: Thank you for donating your '01 Sedona for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, J.C.B! To Halifax: Your Rio means valuable dollars for Humane Canada, M.L! Any charity. Every province. Change is happening one vehicle donor at a time.

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Elantra Donors Spread the Love

At-a-glance: Five Hyundai Elantra donors helping 5 different charities!

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Dodge Caravan Donors Care

Dodge Caravan donors are some of our most prolific car donors in Canada!

You won't believe how many happy minivan donors we've served in just one month!

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Three Cars, Two Charities, One Big Inspiration: Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart and Stroke Foundation Meggie's generous vehicle  donations to both The Calgary  Humane Society and the Heart and  Stroke Foundation are all about  paying goodness forward. Passion for charitable causes, companioned by her love for her father, and for her ol' pooch, Shilo, compel Meggie to make giving part of her everyday. She gently memorializes the ones she loves by generously paying forward the care she and her loved ones have received in their own times of loss. Continue reading "Three Cars, Two Charities, One Big Inspiration: Heart and Stroke Foundation" →

Heart Health: What is Love Anyway?

As February fast fades, it’s crazy to realize that we’re already 2 months into 2014! HealthFebruary symbolizes so many things on the calendar, not just Valentine’s Day. In North America it’s also known as the worst month of the year for mental health because of the weather we experience and the affect it has on us. Heart and Stroke associations use this month to focus on the well-being of our physical hearts and our cardiovascular health. Continue reading "Heart Health: What is Love Anyway?" →