Donor Snapshot | KIA Kudos

Kia donors are kickin' it for charity! From Victoria: Thank you for donating your '01 Sedona for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, J.C.B! To Halifax: Your Rio means valuable dollars for Humane Canada, M.L! Any charity. Every province. Change is happening one vehicle donor at a time.

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The Metal Monster | How we Value Your Recycle Donation

  Recycle“How much will I get for my car?” That’s the first thing we want to know when we’re considering letting go of our four-wheeled-wonder, right? If you’ve had opportunity to speak with us, you know that we’ll ask a lot of questions to be sure that we’re carefully assessing the best process for your particular donation because, like you, we want the highest donation dollars possible. Continue reading "The Metal Monster | How we Value Your Recycle Donation" →