Parkinson Disease| Did you know?

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Autism Awareness

Autism awareness is the heart work of so many vehicle donors! Our donors have richly personal reasons for selecting a receiving charity. Health-related organizations hit the top of the list. The choice may be all about the care of the planet, or of animals. Moreover, charities are picked for sentimental reasons.

The owners of a recycle-ready 2007 Dodge Caravan chose Autism Calgary Association for heartfelt reasons.

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International Women’s Day | Invest in Her

This International Women's Day, invest in women; inspire inclusion! 'Not sure where to start? Read on...

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Coldest Night of the Year | CNOY and Your Charity of Choice

Mark your calendar for the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY)! Join Canadians on "...a winterrific family-friendly walk to raise money for local charities serving people experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness." 

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Porsche Cayenne Donation for Humanitarian Relief

Donating as Porsche Cayenne really is as easy as 1-2-3 for donor and charity alike. Tackling the unique challenges of underground tows, cross-border sales, and special donation parameters? Well, leave that to us!

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Peace on Earth | A Christmas Wish

Canadian car donors are a few things at their very heart: They are kind. Giving generously is second-nature to them. They are peace seekers and peace makers.

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Canadian Red Cross Classic Car Auction Update!

Humanitarian aid came riding in on fourteen wheels early this Fall! Have you been following our blog? Then you know that Canadian Red Cross donation dollars add up quickly, and a vehicle donation through Donate a Car Canada is just one way to help global relief efforts. You may also have had a taste of  how exciting the auction process can be when a donated vehicle is up for bids!

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ALS Society Gifts Rolling In

ALS Society ALS Society charities receive car, truck, van, SUV, and motorcycle donations. From Halifax to Victoria, Canadians are impacted by ALS. Not surprisingly, their response is to give...big! Continue reading "ALS Society Gifts Rolling In" →