Charities That Accept A Vehicle Donation

Vehicle Donation – Opening the Doors to Charities Nationwide

Donate a Car Canada makes it easy for ANY Canadian Charity to benefit from vehicle donations nationwide. Most charities are not set up to directly receive vehicles as a form of donation. The process is too complicated, time consuming, and costly for them, thus making it a difficult or impossible form of fundraising.

Our simple process makes it possible for more charities to benefit from the generosity of donors like you. We expertly handle all aspects of processing your used cars, send the net sale proceeds to the charity, and then the charity mails you the tax receipt.

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  • A Better World Canada

    Our vision is to create a better world. Our mission is to deliver sustainable foundations needed to improve lives, in partnerships with local community leaders, development organizations and government ministries. Donate Now
  • Ability New Brunswick

    Since 1956, Ability NB has empowered the independence and full community participation of persons who have a spinal cord injury or mobility disability by providing innovative services and developing progressive public policy. Our services include Rehabilitation Counselling, Case management/servic...e coordination; vocational/employment counselling; community development & advocacy; sport, recreation & active living; and information services. Donate Now
  • Access County Community Support Services

    Supporting and strengthening Essex County through locally-driven services, advocacy and strategic community partnerships. Donate Now
  • Accessible Housing

    Our Vision:Everyone has a home and belongs in community. Our Mission:We open doors to homes that are accessible and affordable for people with limited mobility. Our Values Compassion:genuine caring that motivates our response to the needs of others. Community:working together create spaces of belonging. Leadership:the capacity to transform vision into reality. Empowerment:taking responsibility to see what is possible and make it happen. Donate Now
  • Accredited Supports to the Community (ASC) Association

    Accredited Supports to the Community works with people from all walks of life. We have been providing support to adults and children with disabilities since 1974. We support people to work, to learn, to lead and to play. Donate Now
  • Acoustic Neuroma Association Of Canada

    To provide information and support to individuals with acoustic neuromas and their families. Donate Now
  • Adoption Council of Canada

    The mission of the Adoption Council of Canada, while broadly serving the entire adoption community of adopted persons, birth families, and adoptive families, focuses on three main objectives: -To raise awareness about the number of children available for adoption in Canada’s child welfare sy...stem, and to facilitate programs that will promote the placement of waiting children in permanent loving families. -To connect with provincial adoption agencies and organizations and support them in our common goals, by assisting them in communicating with government and the private sector about their specific provincial challenges. -To recognize and promote the need for post-adoption supports for all members of the adoption community. The ACC strongly believes that education, communication and connection to medical, social, psychological and educational resources are essential in ensuring the success and longevity of adoptive family relationships. Donate Now
  • Adoption Options

    Building Families and Creating Futures Donate Now
  • Adoption Options Manitoba

    Adoption Options is a licensed, not-for-profit agency that facilitates domestic and international adoptions, and provides information, education and counselling to birthparents, adoptive families, adoptees, professionals and the public. Donate Now
  • ADRA Canada

    ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible action. Donate Now

Giving You the Power of Choice!

Supporting charitable organizations is a valued and respected part of our Canadian society. We are drawn to specific charities and causes for personal reasons, and Donate a Car Canada gives you the power of choice in making your generous donation. With many charities to choose from, you can feel satisfied in knowing that you are contributing to the charity that is closest to your heart.

If you wish to donate your vehicle to a registered charity that is not on our list, simply add your request during your vehicle submission process.

We will contact the charity and make them aware of their pending vehicle donation. Please note that you will need to select an alternative organization in the event that your requested charity does not wish to participate in the vehicle donation program.

Here’s What Our Charities Have to Say!

Calgary Humane Society’s experience with Donate a Car has been wonderful. The vehicle donation process seems very straightforward for those contemplating donating their vehicle, we receive consistent, clear reporting from Donate a Car so we can then follow up with donors and ensure we can thank and steward them for their support. We have found the Donate a Car experience for Calgary Humane Society to be very beneficial and straightforward and one that has helped CHS fulfill its mission to help as many animals as we can through ongoing financial support from caring individuals who choose to donate via Donate a Car.