Canadian Red Cross Classic Car Auction Update!

Humanitarian aid came riding in on fourteen wheels early this Fall! Have you been following our blog? Then you know that Canadian Red Cross donation dollars add up quickly, and a vehicle donation through Donate a Car Canada is just one way to help global relief efforts. You may also have had a taste of  how exciting the auction process can be when a donated vehicle is up for bids!

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1968 Suzuki Cobra T500

It's coming up on that time of year: are you ready to take one last motorcycle ride before the snow flies? Join us for the charity auction of this donated Suzuki Cobra T500 on October 14, 2023!

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Charity Auction |’72 Chevrolet Cheyenne

It's auction day this weekend! Follow along to see how this beautiful Chevrolet Cheyenne pulls its weight for charity!

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Sneak a Peek: Local Car Dealership Donates BIG to Wildfire Recovery

One Alberta car dealership is about to make an enormous impact for their charity of choice! Just wait 'til you see the four classic cars they've donated...not to mention how many people will be aided by their generosity!

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Refugees in Canada | Uncommon Courage

Canada has a long history of coming alongside refugees! It doesn't take long for newcomers to find their feet despite formidable odds. Some of the very best of who we are shows in how we share with our fellow humans in temporary crisis.

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Ukraine Conflict | We Can Help

The Ukraine conflict is global in scope. Figuring out how to help can feel overwhelming. Aid groups are poised to help. You and I can, too!

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Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day February 26, 2014 is Pink Shirt Day! Many of our charities present pro-inclusion and anti-bullying messages all year long: Check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada on their Facebook page for some wonderful links. Canadian Red Cross has a history of supporting such great works, too, and Bullying Canada works to address hurting kids year 'round. Kids Help Phone is a constant presence, available to help just when help is most needed.

Pink Shirt Day, and everyday inclusion...

It is an everyday privilege for us to support these, and many other charities, as they do the ongoing work of presenting messages of hope, support, and equality throughout our country! Donate your car and support the cause that matters most to you!