“Can I get $11,500?” | What happens at a car auction?

This weekend's charity car auction was a great ride! Curious about what happens at a car auction? Listen to one Alberta auctioneer give it his all to raise funds for charity!

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1968 Suzuki Cobra T500

It's coming up on that time of year: are you ready to take one last motorcycle ride before the snow flies? Join us for the charity auction of this donated Suzuki Cobra T500 on October 14, 2023!

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Charity Auction |’72 Chevrolet Cheyenne

It's auction day this weekend! Follow along to see how this beautiful Chevrolet Cheyenne pulls its weight for charity!

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Big Support From Mini Donor

Humane Society

Calgary Humane Society and Alberta Cancer Foundation get a lot of love from DOUBLE donor. You won't believe how much this Mini Cooper donor earned for her charity!

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A Man, A Mercedes and A-wareness: Prostate Cancer Canada

  Prostate Cancer CanadaLet’s face it. Sometimes life can be so incredibly hard. One day you wake up with the world at your fingertips and then you get dealt a blow, one you think only happens to others. That’s exactly what happened to one of our generous donors. Life was good, business was great and then boom. A scheduled trip to the doctor turned into a diagnosis of prostate cancer, and the story goes from there. Continue reading "A Man, A Mercedes and A-wareness: Prostate Cancer Canada" →