Donate A Car Joins Flood Recovery: Supporting the Red Cross

Red CrossAlmost 2 weeks after the catastrophic flood in Southern Alberta, the recovery process in Calgary has been nothing short of amazing. First responders and volunteers alike have committed their hearts and souls to getting people back in their homes and to ensuring there is as much support available as possible. Canmore has made huge strides towards cleanup efforts and are on the road to figuring things out. High River, however, still sits under water in many parts (watch CTVs latest report), and its 13,000 residents are still homeless, without their local jobs, hospital and community.

 The truth of it is that it will take months and years for so many in Calgary and surrounding areas to recover emotionally, physically and financially.

Walking through house after house, speaking with home owners and witnessing the aftermath myself, the depth of emotion gripped me in a way that is difficult to describe. For those of us who escaped the damage, there is almost a feeling of guilt mixed with the sense that we are a part of this devastation too, because we feel the pain, loss and grief for our neighbours and our community. This is a life altering event that has changed us all.

Businesses may never reopen, zoo employees (along with thousands of others) are out of work, livelihoods are at stake. These are long term scenarios for which there are no easy answers. This is our reality.

Our fellow Canadians have reached out through donations, volunteer help, thoughts and wishes. None of it goes unnoticed and we are grateful to all the selfless souls who have been part of the recovery.

To that end, we have joined forces with the Red Cross to help them in their Red Cross 2relief efforts. When you donate your vehicle you can choose the Alberta Red Cross in the charity selections and the funds will go directly to assisting flood victims through the Red Cross. Your charitable donation will also net you a tax receipt.

Why the Red Cross? They are skilled experts at assessing where the greatest needs are, and dispatching resources accordingly.  They moved in and moved mountains to help with those evacuated and displaced from their homes, they’ve worked tirelessly as have so many, and their reputation to serve makes them an obvious choice.

This initiative is Canada wide, so if anyone from sea to sea wishes to contribute towards the largest disaster Alberta has ever experienced, this is definitely a great opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and futures.

If you have a vehicle sitting unproductive, whether it’s an old jalopy or simply a vehicle no longer in use, please consider offering it as a token of support. In some cases, ATVs, RVs and motorcycles are acceptable as well. You can click here to begin the process (you’ll need the 17 digit VIN number from your vehicle).

Please know we are grateful for your generosity at a time when our community is reeling and most needs you.

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