When Tragedy Strikes: Distress Centres Help

Distress CentresAs most of the nation has probably heard, our home base of Calgary suffered a horrific tragedy this week. Five young adults lost their lives at the hands of a friend and school mate. Times like these create an overwhelm of emotion in many of us for varying reasons. We may not know what the parents of these six young people are going through, the unimaginable pain; however, each of us have experienced pain and loss to some degree. Hearing the devastating news of someone else's tragedy can trigger memories and feelings about our own difficult experiences. Continue reading "When Tragedy Strikes: Distress Centres Help" →

Donate A Car Joins Flood Recovery: Supporting the Red Cross

Red CrossAlmost 2 weeks after the catastrophic flood in Southern Alberta, the recovery process in Calgary has been nothing short of amazing. First responders and volunteers alike have committed their hearts and souls to getting people back in their homes and to ensuring there is as much support available as possible. Canmore has made huge strides towards cleanup efforts and are on the road to figuring things out. High River, however, still sits under water in many parts (watch CTVs latest report), and its 13,000 residents are still homeless, without their local jobs, hospital and community. Continue reading "Donate A Car Joins Flood Recovery: Supporting the Red Cross" →