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Do you have an unused, unwanted car stuck in your parkade? Perhaps it’s conked right out and the landlord is getting feisty about gettin’ it outta’ there? Did you know can donate a car parked underground? We may be able to help you, and you can help your charity of choice!

Donate a car parked underground

If you are in the uncomfortable pickle of having a vehicle stuck in your parkade, consider getting it moved for the charity you love. Vehicle donation is simple, quick, and free — for you, and your charity of choice!

When you donate a vehicle that is underground you will be asked an extra question or two. We want to be sure we can serve you efficiently in your area. Things we’ll be curious about:

  1. Is the car driveable at all?
  2. Will the battery take a boost?
  3. What is the height clearance of your parkade?

Many of our agents have special tow trucks for just the service. It can be an easy and generous way to turn a frustrating inconvenience into a helpful donation!

One donor’s story about this unique service

Bob wasn’t sure if it would be possible to donate a car parked underground. He came to the process with questions and concerns. These were quickly answered and alleviated, and his 2002 Subaru Impreza was quickly transformed from a headache to a hearty gift!

Here’s how things went in Bob’s own words,

It was all a marvelous experience for me as a car donor.

In my initial application online, I was given the opportunity to provide all the details needed for a smooth transfer of the car from me to you, and for your first impression of how you’d be able to use the car for parts/auction. The followup email messages were prompt and gave oodles of information, so it was easy for me to understand the whole process.

(The towing agent) was very good at leaving phone and text messages for me (in the) morning, and then when I responded two hours later, fitting me in as his next job. My Subaru was parked in the basement garage of my condominium, with a dead (but good) battery and a dying clutch. (The agent) used his portable charging equipment to boost the battery, and then pushed to help me back up and then build up speed approaching the ramp, so that the high-revving engine could get the car up to ground level outside. When he was driving away with the Subaru in tow, something on the AWD car was locking, so he installed side wheels on the rear wheels of the car in order to enable it to ride freely. He was so well equipped– as well as being knowledgeable and efficient and congenial.

My car seemed inaccessible when it was sitting in the basement of my condo. No problem– you had a solution as to how I could donate a car parked underground. It all happened so fast– was it about 24 hours from the time I applied on your website??? And the monetary donation goes to the charity of my choice. I strongly recommend Donate a Car Canada!

So, what next?

If you find yourself in the same predicament that Bob did, we’re just a click or a call away. If you need to donate a car parked underground that is a complete non-runner, do engage the process anyway! While boosting and driving the vehicle out is optimal, it is not the only method available. Our supporting agents are skilled at problem solving very unique pick ups!

Your first step is to fill in an online donation form. This will take less than ten minutes. If you prefer connecting with a live (and friendly-funny) human, then call in! 1-877-250-4904 will put you in conversation with our caring team.

Next, wait for the tow call: our agent will give you a jingle to make tow arrangements. We understand that when you donate a car parked underground these arrangements can be a bit of a dance. Gaining entrance to the parkade is an extra hiccup in the free tow process. But your supporting agent will work efficiently with you in sorting this out.

Finally, just watch your inbox for your tax receipt. Your donation can go to any Canadian charity. The receipt typically arrives to you 1 – 2 weeks after we disburse your gift to your chosen charity.

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