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Can I donate my RV? The short answer is yes! Or no. Confusing? Our process regarding holiday vehicles (including boats) is a bit choosy. Read on to see why!

Can I donate my RV to charity?

Here at Donate a Car Canada we evaluate each vehicle on its own merits. Motorhome/RV/boat donations are no different. As Spring happily approaches and we begin considering upgrading or selling our holiday vehicles, the answer to the question becomes important. The shortest answer we can offer:

Yes! If your RV is driveable and in condition to be re-sold.

No, not if the vehicle is recycle-ready. We do not have any agents in Canada that will support end-of-life process for trailers, motorhomes, or boats.

Call to see if your RV is a Yes

Donate a Car Canada RV donations have raised thousands of dollars for humane societies, health-related groups, and children’s charities. These outcomes have ranged from $250.00 to close to $10,000.00! We’re set to disburse a high-end gift to the Heart & Stroke Foundation this coming month-end. A beautiful start to our Spring donations!

If you’re not sure what status we’d assign your vehicle, call in to 1-877-250-4904. We’re here to help!

Here’s why we get a little picky

Yes, if your RV is driveable and in condition to be re-sold: We have auction houses and re-sale agents across Canada that can expose your holiday vehicle to their buyer bases. For a unit that’s ready to get out on the open highway (or water), bids can be a great benefit to your charity!

No, not if it’s ready for recycling: the reason our agents do not support this process is due to the construction of these units. Wood and fiberglass are costly to break down and cannot be recycled on site. Moreover, the lack of saleable metal and mechanical parts means there is little of reclaimable value in them at their end-of-life.

How the “Yes!” works

We do take auction-ready motorhomes/RVs/boats through the Spring and Summer. Wintertime is a no-go. We simply won’t find buyers for these unique units in the off season.

The best time to auction a motorhome is between the months of May and August. Most auction lots are open to the elements. Vehicles are subject to winter weather while trying to find a buyer during winter months.

Wait until spring in order to donate that sale-ready holiday vehicle. Your charity of choice will be the one to benefit!

In order to avoid high processing costs and potential losses we will ask that your RV be dropped off at our nearest drop-off location.

But what about the free tow you promise?

This is another of the quirky answers to, “Can I donate my RV?” While we offer free towing on cars and trucks, unique vehicles pose unique  challenges for our agents and the costs of transport will eat up a  portion of the net proceeds. This affects what we’re able to send your  chosen charity.

Click on the button below to complete a donation form. This will allow you to give us the details on your unique vehicle. We will quickly respond with direction regarding our ability to support your process. No time to do the online form? Give us a call, Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 5:00 MST, @ 1-877-250-4904. We’d love to help you and your charity of choice!

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