Donation Bin…and Beyond

From that donation bin down the block to the auction lot across town — there are many ways to support the charity you love! Give time, stuff, or creativity. Be present, reliable, and engaged. Stay anonymous. Get loud. Support your cause, your way!

“Donation bin near me” — a top search with cool results

Donating truly is as creative an effort as giving gets! ‘Have an old door, tub, or window frame? Find a re-store near you and help a local family build more economically. Donate household stuff by the truckload: there are charities whose aim is to help home feel like home for reasonable prices.

And that donation bin down the block? Stuff it full of the clothes, shoes, and accessories that you may not need just now. Donate books, baubles, and barbies!

Your local animal shelter needs blankets, sheets, and chow.

The food bank near you? The shelves need stocking, and if you give cool cash they can stretch a dollar a loooooong way to help families in need.

‘Short on stuff to fill the donation bin? No problem! Share your time, creativity, and steady-on presence. Serve on a board of directors. Orchestrate a walk, run, ride, or nap for your charity. If you can think it, your charity can likely benefit by it.

Why some charities are unable to accept Gifts in Kind

In many cases, the donation bin is actually not an option for your charity of choice. Accepting “gifts in kind” (stuff) can be problematic if it costs more to manage the donations than the benefits the items provide. This is where the sharing of ingenuity, time, and resourceful planning come in.

Your efforts to serve creatively in raising funds and keeping the doors open are key to the success of your cause.

Why all charities in Canada can accept cars…

…without ever touching them

Car donation is an exception to that rule! Even for charities that are not set up to receive gifts in kind, vehicle donation is possible. That’s where Donate a Car Canada and CanadaHelps come in. Because we manage the entire donation process (from vehicle submission all the way through the sale of the car and beyond to the tax receipt), the charity doesn’t ever have to manage unwieldy cars or paperwork! Donation bin not required!

When you donate a vehicle to your charity of choice, they simply receive the monetary net proceeds from the re-sale or recycling of the car, truck, van, or SUV. It really is that simple for the charity.


For many vehicle donors, selecting a charity for their car donation is a tough choice. CanadaHelps is an exceptional resource in the decision making process. It can feel a little daunting to see so many Canadian charities all in one place! But, if you are unsure of where to begin in finding a local cause, or can’t quite remember the name of the charity you are curious about, a few minutes on their site can help hone the search.

Ready, set, 1-2-3

‘Ready to gift your charity with a donation that just won’t fit in the donation bin? Donate your van, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or car in three simple steps:

  1. Fill in the online donation form (this will take just a few minutes).
  2. Watch your inbox for our email, and wait for your phone call from the tow company (that tow is always free, by the way!).
  3. Wait for us to complete the process so that CanadaHelps can land your tax receipt right in your inbox.

Your tow timing (or drop-off, if you prefer) will happen in the time frame that suits you best. This typically happens within 3 – 5 business days.

Our accounting is tackled at month end, so don’t worry if you don’t see a tax receipt immediately. It can take time for agents to get payment out to us, and we have to do our diligent work, too. If a car is recycled, accounting can happen speedily. If the vehicle is re-sold, it takes more time as waiting for the buyer that will pay top dollar can be a patient process.

So, while it won’t fit into your local donation bin, you can still donate today! We can’t wait to serve you!

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