World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day combines experience, voice, and hope for a better future in honouring Cancer patients and the people who love them.

World Cancer Day: a blend of heart, stats, and hope for the future

World Cancer Day strikes a chord. At the time of this writing I have many loved ones and family members facing their personal Cancer diagnoses head on. I’ve lost people to the disease just this year, and many others over my lifetime. Maybe that rings true for you, too?

The Canadian Cancer Society offers some clear-eyed statistics on just how Canada is affected by this kind of illness as a whole. Their pie charts are not for the faint-of-heart.

And there is now more hope for cure, recovery, and remission than ever before.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation notes, “The impact of a donation is far bigger than any statistic. Your donation and your kindness reaches all over…It touches our neighbours, our friends and our loved ones–those who face cancer today or later down the road.

By donating…you help fund support programs for patients close to home, helping ease their cancer journey, and make life better for patients with cancer when a specific cure is not yet an option. You help us provide immediate assistance when it’s needed most, create inviting spaces for patients to heal, and drive innovative research that will lead to life-saving discoveries.

This impact translates into heartwarming stories. Stories about people. People who are helping others. People who are persevering. People who have left behind legacies that inspire. And so on.”

Your impact on World Cancer Day

Anecdotally, we know that this disease (in its many, many forms) is one of the most impactful in our country. We see this reflected in vehicle donations daily. There are so many ways to care for the charities that are caring about this cause!

If money is tight and resources limited, your time and ingenuity will be welcome. Reach out to the charity that has been supporting you and your loved ones in your own health journeys. Because this is such a cheaky disease, there are many health-related charities specific to the many ways in which Cancer presents. So, you can be specific in the charity you support through that 10K run, or that bottle drive!

If you have an unused or unwanted vehicle, look no further for your simple, quick, and always-free process. We manage every detail of your van, motorcycle, truck, SUV, and car donation. Not only that, your charity will never pay a penny for the service! And, the tow is always free, of course.

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