World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day combines experience, voice, and hope for a better future in honouring Cancer patients and the people who love them.

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Donate My Car for Cancer

Donate my car for cancer

"Is it worth it to donate my car for cancer?" Car, truck, van, SUV, and motorcycle donors across Canada say, "Yes!"

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Cancer Charities in Canada

Cancer charities in Canada are bright lights of support and compassion. They come into our lives at the most frightening times. Moreover, they companion and teach when we need it most. Your car and truck donation dollars aid in their helping work each month!

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Ovarian Cancer Canada: Debbie’s Story

Ovarian Cancer“My sister, and my best friend, who are survivors of ovarian cancer, will be thrilled!” Debbie’s recent ‘04 Hyundai Santa Fe donation raised a whopping $1211.94 for Ovarian Cancer Canada! This generous gift is just one expression of Debbie’s compelling and personal generosity. It is her response to the impact that various Cancers have had on her loved ones. Continue reading "Ovarian Cancer Canada: Debbie’s Story" →