Spirit of the Season | When Your Give-a-darn is Rusted

“Spirit of the Season” – what does that mean to you? Is December a welcome month? The lights, pace, giving? Do you love it, or is your give-a-darn worn a little thin?

Your spirit of the season may be less Whoville, more Grinch-cave?

The complicated thing about the Christmas month’s “spirit of the season” is that for many this is about just buckling down and getting through it all. We don’t mean to be fussed! But real life can put the squeeze on pretty tight. If our pockets are empty and we feel like we’ve been giving all year? The giving month can feel like it’s all pressure and little pleasure. It’s a time when we feel the sting of lost loved ones. And if we had warm memories from childhood it can feel like an endless chase to capture the sparkly feelings and whimsy that are just so elusive.

Take care of yourself…

Lifehack has some useful help for doing a little spirit of the season self-care. Lifehack Spirit of the season self care to attend to how you might

1. Give yourself permission
2. Involve all of your senses
3. Don’t get caught in the hustle and bustle of the season
4. Do things in moderation
5. Give up expectations

…and do keep tapping into the goodness that is at the heart of you

If you’re finding yourself on our site at this time of year you probably have a vehicle that you need gone. Like, now. It might be taking a much-needed spot on the driveway, and Aunty Beth is going to need to park there. Not only that, Aunty Beth and her beloved Bichon are planning to arrive next week for an extended stay. Just like that, another dash of stress has quashed whatever remaining spirit of the season you were mustering. Don’t worry! We can get your car removed in short order. And, while you might not be feeling super give-y at the moment, your charity of choice will be helped!

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