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What strange times for our kids to be growing up in! Children’s charities creatively and courageously support little ones across Canada. Donate a Car Canada serves these charities by processing your vehicles for donation.

Stretching, adapting…

Every household with minor children is adapting in big ways right now.

School is happening in the kitchen! How’s it going, Moms? ‘Feeling pretty good about grade 6 Math?

The kids are home. Like, they’re home all the time. Alllllll the time. No sports, no music lessons outside the home, selective playdates.

So much online everything. Maybe a little parental guilt about the amount of screen time that’s happening, too.

Teachers and doctors and coaches are stretched the limits of creative Zoom classroom-ing.

It’s a lot. The most resourceful and creative parents I know are feelin’ the pressure.

…and just managing

In the last few weeks I’ve heard the phrase, “We’re just managing.” A lot. There’s not much sparkle or curiosity. Folks are really tired of being flexible and rolling with it all. “I’m lucky because my kids get along well, but do we ever need to get away from each other!”

We’ve settled in for this long and wildly unpredictable ride. We’re doing all we can to maintain normalcy and learning and play. And some of our fellows are struggling under burdens that go beyond boredom and sibling squabbles.

Children’s charities are here to help

Are you a family (or loved-one to a family) that has children facing into unique disruptions during the pandemic? Mental and physical illness are exacting parental challenges at the most secure of times. If you, or your dear ones, are parenting children with complex needs, these are difficult times, indeed.

Our children’s charities list has been growing for years. My quick count shows that we have 174 actively receiving gifts through Donate a Car Canada right now!

Visit our charities page to discover a cause that resonates with you. You’ll find education-based works. There are so many organizations reaching toward sick kids. Focusing on food and housing insecurity, charities are meeting felt needs. There are even children’s charities dedicated to giving children access to sports.

When you donate a car

Choosing a kid’s charity as your vehicle donation recipient means cash in hand for that cause. We’ll do all of the work of pick-up and processing for your donated car, truck, van, motorcycle, etc. We’ll get paid for the vehicle, and then send the net proceeds on to your charity of choice. Tax time will be made a little gentler when you’re reminded of the gift you extended to kids in un-gentle times.

Help making a quick-pick

Kids Help Phone Children’s Treatment Network Because I am a Girl Bullying Canada Children’s Bridge Foundation

Your local foodbank/children’s hospital (see our charities page)

Find out more about how all of this works on our FAQ page. Or, give us a call at 1-877-250-4904!

You are also invited to contact and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! From there, you’ll be able to keep up to date on our program as well as see posts that showcase our amazing donors and charities across the country!

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