Donating Cars for Kids | Starting the School Year Strong

Donating cars for kids to help with funding country-wide efforts is what we're all about! Did you know that September is childhood cancer awareness month?  Cars for KidsThat children’s organizations are gearing up to provide phone support, school breakfasts, and pro-inclusion programs across the country as a new school year kicks off? Or that you can dive into all sorts of regional efforts and benefit your area children’s hospital's fundraising drives this Fall?   Continue reading "Donating Cars for Kids | Starting the School Year Strong" →

Bullying Canada – Be The Change

Bullying Canada When Bullying Canada signed on with Donate a Car Canada to give their donors the option to support anti-bullying/pro-inclusion efforts in Canada through vehicle donation, they did so whole-heartedly! Through their print ads, radio spots, and signage, Bullying Canada has widely encouraged their cross-Canada donors to gift their vehicles and give to the work of advocating for vulnerable kids. In the past few months they have been on the receiving end of many recycle-ready vehicle donations, and have also seen vehicles that brought over $1000.00 in single donations. Continue reading "Bullying Canada – Be The Change" →

The Top Five in our Top 5 – More Children’s Charities!

Children's Charities

This is it ~ The last in our series of posts about DAC's Top 5 categories of giving for 2014! Canada's kids already made it into the Top 5 once, but so many of our donors have children as their giving priority that we can happily list even more charities as top recipients for the year! Care for overall quality of life is reflected in our final Top 5 (charities reaching toward specific aspects of the well-being of children).  Continue reading "The Top Five in our Top 5 – More Children’s Charities!" →