’97 Dodge Ram Not Quite Scrap

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The Dodge Ram was a member of the family. A trip to the local scrap yard just wasn’t an option when it came time to having the truck taken off the road. Yacht rails on the truck were our first clue that the donated ‘97 Dodge had stories to tell!

She had pealing roof-top paint (the result of bathing in the Florida sun) and a hefty number on the odometer! These reminders told of long miles travelled. Crossing borders and safely carrying her cargo, the Dodge Ram gave our donating family many happy memories.

A trusty Dodge Ram as a legacy

When our cars are ready for their last trek, a drop-off at the city metal parts yard won’t always do. We want to see our trusty vehicle continue to serve someone. It may have become too costly or too cumbersome a thing for our own circumstance.  Yet, we can’t bear to see it just get carted off without a little added respect.

When it came time to decide how to make saying goodbye just a little easier, our donor family submitted their adventuring ‘97 truck on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society. Free towing and speedy service were needed as time was a factor. Both were easily managed by our supporting Island agent! The truck was taken into the care of a recycler who loves to tinker and repair.

On the other hand, for some of us,  a quick trip to the junkyard is all we’re looking for. The thought of the scrapper being the last stop may not seem a fitting end for our faithful old vehicle. With hundreds of charities to choose from, you can feel sure of the ongoing and helpful impact of your donation-ready car or truck.

The donation process is simple and quick! In less than 10 minutes you can have your vehicle information to us. From there, we set up your free tow! Your charity will never be charged a penny for this service, and the tax receipt will be to you shortly after we receive payment.

Thank you for considering donating your unused or unwanted car to the charity you love!

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