Cars for Canadian Wildlife

Canadian Wildlife

Wildlife was the heart cause for Toyota Prius donor, J.L. Preparing to make an international move, he wanted to gift his car to charity. There were a lot of moving parts to this donation. Read on to see how it all came together for the critters!

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Hope for Wildlife: Raise the Roof

Hope for Wildlife

Would you like your donated vehicle to benefit a unique wildlife refuge? Hope for Wildlife Society is a consistently extending their compassionate reach to our country's vulnerable creatures. Join them in their Raise the Roof campaign to replace their big red barn!

Hope for Wildlife Tells Their Story

"Hope took in her first rehab animal, a robin that had been attacked by a cat, in 1995 while working as a Manager at the Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarians at the hospital did not know what to do with the injured bird, so Hope took it to her home in Eastern Passage and starting doing research on caring for injured wildlife. As her knowledge grew, the veterinary staff would refer calls about orphaned and injured wildlife to Hope. She continued to do research and learn more about the subject. Later that year, Hope took a Wildlife Rehabilitator’s course and obtained a certificate in Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation from the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Association. Hope and her good friend, Lisa Butcher, developed a plan to create a wildlife rehabilitation centre to offer proper care to injured and orphaned wildlife in Nova Scotia." (The Story of Hope for Wildlife) If your cause is critters, consider NHFW!