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The Beijing 2022 Paralympics are coming right up! We can support differently abled Canadians creatively. Here’s how…

Paralympics in the spotlight

Last night was a late night: I stayed up to watch Canada and the U.S. reach for gold in women’s hockey! There is something truly joyful in cheering for those who have worked hard at what they love. Happily, the thrill of witnessing excellence in sport is just a few days in. There is so much more to come in the weeks ahead!

The Canadian Paralympic Committee reports, “The 2022 Paralympic Games will take place in Beijing, China from March 4-13. The Games will feature 5 sports. Wheelchair curling, Para ice hockey, Para alpine skiing, Para snowboard, and Para nordic ski…”

They go on to say that we could have as many as 748 athletes and up to 82 medal events! Visit the CPC website to learn how, “Paralympic athletes are world-class competitors.” They have “…remarkable stories that can make an impact on people of all ages. Paralympic sport is truly super exciting to watch and follow.”

Cheer the team, care close to home

I am writing this from the comfort of my own couch. In fact, I am barely an armchair athlete, let alone a real athlete! Maybe you can relate?

I am aware of “abilities” and “disabilities” in a different way when an Olympic torchlight shines on Canadians. My work history includes some years spent in respite care (in homes, and in the school system). During those years I worked with children and adults with diverse in strengths and abilities. I have some small understanding of what it takes for our differently abled athletes to get where they are. Competition on a world stage is a playful reminder. Let’s cheer and support our fellows for whom everyday life is made more complicated by unique challenges.

Canada is home to charities whose aim it is to ensure accessibility. They work for equality, and inclusion for all Canadians. To that end, these are community-focused works. Some are working in our schools. Many are passionate about ensuring opportunities in work and sports.

While we cheer the wins and losses of athletes in Beijing this winter, we can support those our athletes represent here at home.

Giving where you care

Your car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle can help. An unused, unwanted, and in-the-way car turns into big dollars for charity here at Donate a Car!

A quick definition for clarity on who’s who (from one of our charities, Special Olympics BC):

“Special Olympics is solely for athletes with intellectual disabilities. The Paralympics focus more on physical disabilities. The Olympics and Paralympics are about elite competition and specialization…”

Our wish here is simply to bring our attention to our country’s athletes and to all people who are differently abled. That said, are you looking for a charity that is focused on athletics? Look no further! Or, if you prefer to give to a work with a different focus, no problem. Either way, consider one of these groups as your charity of choice:

Cerebral Palsy Alberta

Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (CCPSA)

Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba

Christian Horizons


Connected In Motion

Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary

Edmonton Down Syndrome Society

Elves Special Needs Society

Halton Down Syndrome Association

Inclusion Foothills

March of Dimes Canada

Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society (LMDSS)

Renfrew Educational Services Society

Special Olympics Calgary

Special Olympics British Columbia Society

Spinal Cord Injury BC

Special Olympics Society of Nova Scotia

Special Olympics Ontario

Saskatchewan Cerebral Palsy Association Inc.

Special Olympics Saskatchewan

Thunder Bay Therapeutic Riding Association

Ups and Downs – Calgary Down Syndrome Association

Variety – The Children’s Charity of BC

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities

Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Winnifred Stewart Foundation

YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region

We’re ready to roll when you are

Our online form takes less than 10 minutes to fill out, if you are ready to go ahead. Donations move along at the pace that suits you best. It is standard for a car to go from “donated” to picked-up within 3 – 5 business days. So, if you have a car that needs to get out of the drive way, we can help in a hurry!

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Not only that, business owners find this process quick and efficient. ‘Need to move old fleet or business vehicles? We can tackle the details and move the units so you don’t have to.

Keep this creative sort of human kindness in mind as you settle into the couch to watch your favourite Olympic sport this winter! Better yet, fill in your donation form while watching your athletes go for gold! We’re one click away…

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