Blackout Tuesday

"Blackout Tuesday is an initiative to go silent on social media, reflect on recent events, and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement," according to

Black Lives Matter (in Canada) has a mission: To forge critical connections and to work in solidarity with black communities, black-centric networks, solidarity movements, and allies in order to to dismantle all forms of state-sanctioned oppression, violence, and brutality committed against African, Caribbean, and Black cis, queer, trans, and disabled populations in Toronto.

What this means for us...and for you

As Canadians, we're inclined to the middle ground. We hold strong views about all sorts of global issues, but we're inclined to temper our expression of opinion.

Donate a Car Canada has over 900 charities for donors to choose from. These charities attend to the needs of the sick, the marginalized, and the four-legged-adorable. Moreover, many address human rights.

The work we do here, every day, 364 days a year speaks to the importance of Blackout Tuesday. Hundreds of Canadians make it their mission to actively seek justice and equality for all. Markedly, this is key to the mission of Donate a Car Canada.

Freedom - of belief, of thought

Recently I had an encounter with a potential donor who expressed strong feelings about donating through our program. Notably, his feelings did not affirm our work! His dismissive concern was that some of the charities on our list have values that do not align with his hopes for Canada. Canadian donors can choose any of our 900+ charities to gift. Two of these charities did not match up with this gentleman's value system. Therefore, he rejected our program in its entirety. Blackout Tuesday would be a frustrating distraction for him. His belief and thought center around oil & gas, and deep seated frustration with beliefs around environmentalism. For those reasons, he had no space for consideration of other needs.

And that is one of the luxuries of freedom of thought. We can support, judge, and ignore as we wish. We can give, withhold, and companion however we like. Freedom of movement and belief are a given in Canada.

Pausing for just a minute

Today we take just a few seconds out of our day to consider those for whom the right to live peaceably, without interference of discrimination or abuse is not a given. We turn inward and ask important questions: am I prejudiced? Am I afraid of beliefs, nationalities, races, or ways of being that I don't understand? Can I expand my understanding of my fellow human in some way? Even a small way? Do I understand that history that preambles the unrest of today? What is my part in answering for that history? For the present?

Thank you for considering with us. And with the many Canadian front-line charity workers daily working to ensure equality, fairness, safety, and wellbeing for all.

Goodness |Do the Good You do

Goodness. If you say it often enough, it doesn't sound like a real word anymore. And in a world gone all wobbly and sideways, it's easy to think that maybe "goodness" isn't even a thing. If we're looking for evidence that things have all gone to heck, well, there seems to be a growing body!

Evidence against

You don't need reminders of all of the ways we know that Goodness is taking a thumping, hey? Have you been hacked lately, and threatened with recrimination if you don't send money/call this number/set this straight right now? Or had your identity stolen? Maybe you've been victim to prejudice or shaming? Is the one who ought to love you best hurting you? Your body may not be cooperating and you could be feeling stuck and lonely. Friends fail us, money is tight, and the world-at-large feels like it's equal parts dumpster fire and a volcano preparing to violently erupt. So much evidence for not-Goodness.

Evidence for Goodness

What to do? Who are we to be in the face of blaming and hating and self-promotion and ice that's melting too fast? We don't want to be blind to the world's trouble. But we don't want to be consumed by it either. So, what if we just, each one of us, do our little bit? What if we just determinedly and consistently do our own little bit of Good?

  • Make a wholesome meal for your family. Safety and caring in our own homes matters.
  • Read. Expanding our perspective and thinking our own deep thoughts is grounding.
  • Believe. Aligning ourselves with authentic, thoughtful, experiential Goodness takes an effort of heart and mind.
  • Work at doing the good you do. Watch for opportunities to act justly and compassionately. This is no time for us to be lazy about this stuff.
  • Listen for the story beneath the story beneath the story: it's easy to dismiss and to judge when we're not listening to each other. We're all in this together -- whether we like it or not.
  • Just be. Take a breather from the glut of information and streaming and hope-bludgeoning media. Be with people you love; be someone people want to love. The truest, strongest, most vibrant you (you come from innocence). You are enough.

Keep it up!

Everything is (probably) going to be okay. If you do your small bit, and I do mine, odds are good that love will win the day. Let's take care of each other, care for the earth, and companion the vulnerable -- we'll make it through with Goodness intact.

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Origami & Duct Tape: Cars of Another Sort

Origami Car

Origami car and truck crafts might be one way to brighten your January. Are you looking for something with a little more stick to it? Duct tape vehicles or crafts might be your thing.

Origami car how-to

Origami Car2

Keeping our minds and hands busy through the winter months can help pass those sluggish January and February weeks. Check out SuperColoring for some whimsical and realistic origami blueprints. They have easy to replicate paper crafts to wile away your winter doldrums.

Or, if you're looking for something a little more intricate:

Origami Car4

Explore and create! Keep your mind curious and your hands engaged is something creative to help bring Spring on just a little more quickly.

Duct Tape car how not-to

Origami Car3

Duct tape crafts and fixes come in all shapes and sizes. 'Looking for a good Google search rabbit hole? This colorful adhesive is your topic of the day! From period-piece wonderment (like the van up top) to car repair fails, we all like to use the stuff to fix, create, and decorate.

Wheels firmly rollin' in the real world

If an origami car and a (creative) duct tape disaster are furthest from your mind, you might have the fixing of your actual vehicle top of mind? Is your vehicle is beyond repair? Call us, or pop us a query via the home page. If you're on the move and need to downsize, we can help. Your donated vehicle can be more than a topic of conversation. It can build a memory, and your gift will aid in changing a life.

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Red origami car photo credit:

Photo credit, race car:

Duct tape van photo credit:

Photo credit, duct tape car:

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