Porsche Cayenne Donation for Humanitarian Relief

Donating as Porsche Cayenne really is as easy as 1-2-3 for donor and charity alike. Tackling the unique challenges of underground tows, cross-border sales, and special donation parameters? Well, leave that to us!

Whether you’re donating a Porsche or a Pontiac…

…your vehicle donation makes a difference!

Spend a few minutes on your social feeds today and you’ll see the need. Charities across Canada are making their individual pleas for end-of-year donations. Every dollar counts. Whatever the cause you care about, they need your support today. And if a tax receipt will be helpful for you, donate now so that you can claim your gift on your 2023 taxes!

Vehicle donation can result in a donation of thousands of dollars (read on for more!)! If your car, truck, van, or SUV is recycle-ready, the gift outcome will vary from province to province. And we do serve in every province in Canada!

Porsche Cayenne donation makes a little extra work add up to so many donation dollars!

This autumn, a very generous donor rolled into the program with his beautiful, auctionable Porsche! On paper, this looked like a pretty typical donation process. It turned out to be a bit more challenging than expected. A combination of issues including parking location and registration details made this a tricky one for our supporting auction agent.

The auction house worked diligently over many weeks. They secured the vehicle. Then, they did the capable and detailed work of ensuring all documentation and process were in place for the Porsche to be re-sold.

And sell it they did! Weeks of hard work and careful promotion resulted in a $33, 340.90 for the donor’s humanitarian relief charity of choice!

For you and your charity, this is simple, quick, and free!

You can donate your vehicle on behalf of any Canadian charity. They will not be charged a fee for our service. The tax receipt for your gift will be sent to you via CanadaHelps, so your charity doesn’t even need to worry about paperwork!

Your donation includes a free tow, too! Once we have your donation form (this will take you less than 10 minutes to complete), it’s all about making this as easy as possible for you. You’ll receive a call from your supporting tow agent. They will arrange pick-up timing that suits you well. Once they have your car, van, SUV, or motorcycle hauled for re-sale or recycling, it’s just a matter of time until your vehicle morphs into donation dollars!

When things go sideways…as they sometimes do…

Sometimes, as with our donated Porsche, things like pick-up location and vehicle registration can make things a little tricky. The happy news? We’ve got you! Over our decade-plus of donor and charity care, we’ve seen just about everything!

Underground parking on that non-runner? Some of our agents are outfitted to get ‘er done!

Out-of-Province registration? There are options! We will guide you in how to navigate that issue.

The bottom line is that we and our supporting agents, like you, want the highest donation possible for your chosen charity!

Your car, your charity of choice! We can’t wait to serve you and the cause you care about.

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