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Charity of choice was on this 1973 Super Beetle donor’s mind when it was time to part with her treasured car. From parking lot to auction lot, this one stirred a little buyer buzz!

Donating a Super Beetle — from call to completion

“The vehicle is in excellent condition — there are no known problems or repairs needed!” When M called in to get her donation process underway, she knew what kind of care and attention her car deserved. We were right on board.

Kirsten, our trusty lead on just about everything around here, knew just what to do. First, she gathered the donor’s details. She then promptly reached out to our nearby auction agent. Within a week the rare Super Beetle was on the lot and ready for a little promotion.

A shout out to potential buyers and an auction later? Sold! For a hearty donation of $14,183.05!

The donor’s chosen charity was The Knowledge Network and it was just a matter of time for accounting to be complete. The gift was disbursed, and the donor was then issued their substantial tax receipt.

Your Beetle, Buick, Bronco, or busted-up BMW

Running or not, you can donate your car, van, truck, motorcycle, or SUV. It does need to have tires, and it needs to be intact. Beyond that? Well, if you’ve got it to give, we likely have an agent who wants it.

Donating a vehicle can be an emotional engagement. We get attached to our vehicles, right? My own family has donated a few vehicles over the years (you’ll find those stories sprinkled through the blog history here at Donate a Car Canada). Every time we gift a car or SUV to Inn From the Cold, or any other beloved charity, I feel a little pang of emotion. Our vehicles serve us well! Donating is one way to honour that emotional attachment.

How it works

Super Beetle, or super busted, the donation process is simple, quick, and free!

First, fill in our online form (just click or call 1-877-250-4904 and you’ll be done in minutes).

pick n pull

Next, watch your inbox for our email clearly outlining your process and next steps.

Then, wait for your phone to ring with a call from your supporting tow agent.

Lastly? Well, from there it’s all about your chosen charity receiving your gift, and you getting your tax receipt.

Expect exceptional and personalized donor support throughout your experience. You will be well advised about which re-sale or recycle process is underway. Furthermore, if there are delays in the efforts to re-sell your donated car, you’ll be kept informed. And we’re always an email or a phone call away.

We can’t wait to serve you and the charity you love in the months ahead!

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