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Saturn donors? We’ve got a few!

Saturn stands out in triple car donation

Connor’s first car donation was actually not a Saturn. In honour of a family member with Diabetes, he donated a Toyota to a charity supporting people affected by the illness. “Donating to Diabetes Canada seemed like a good idea at the time; they’d been around for a long time and they do good work.” His recycle-ready Toyota contributed to the work of informing, researching, educating, and advocacy! What an impact for those touched by this far-reaching disease.

Then, along came Chester, a lovable shepherd mix. Chester is Connor’s rescue dog and he brings a lot of joy and tenderness to his new master.

Chester’s adoption was facilitated through the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew.

We give to the things that have our hearts, and Chester plus Alberta Animal Rescue Crew have Connor’s! This is where our first Saturn comes in: Connor donated the proceeds from two separate vehicles to the animal rescue that united him and his beloved pooch. How did that add up, you may ask? His vehicle donations resulted in over $1300.00 to the charity! A modest outcome of around $200.00 was earned for his ’01 Saturn when her transmission gave out. Then, the donation was beefed up with just over $1000.00 coming from the auctioning of his SUV.

Calgary donor’s Saturn | From bust to boom

Fast forward to this summer when we heard a common distress call,

“I had my Saturn in to (the shop) today for an oil change and a diagnostic for my Service Engine Soon light that recently appeared on my dashboard. Upon their diagnostic check, there was too much work that needed to be done to get the car safe to drive.

When I went to pick up my car this afternoon, after paying $420.00 for their services, I went to exit the parking lot, and my back rear brake line burst. I was able to pull out of the lot and immediately turned into what turned out to be shop’s detailing lot. I coasted into a parking spot.”

Now, our caller was in a pickle: the spot she’d coasted to was in a shared lot with a hotel. The Saturn needed a pick up. And fast!

“I would like to know if you can tow my car either tomorrow or the day after? You can give me a phone call at home, or send an email.”

Request received and responded to: Absolutely! The outstanding agents that serve in the Calgary area were right on it. Donor served. Charity of choice set to receive the gift!

And how did it all go for the donor?

“Your staff is amazing. Keep up the great work you do.”

~ C.K.

Saturn picked up two ways in Ontario

Whether your Saturn is re-sold or recycled, you can be sure of making a helpful impact for the charity you love.

One Distress Centre Ottawa donor in Ontario wrote,

It is suitable for Recycling. There are new parts on it, 1 year old winter tires. It is too old to invest in a new exhaust system. The car has not been on the road for a year.

No problem! Running, or not, donated cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans add up to big donation dollars for charities like the DCO. Just like that, the Distress Centre donor was set up with their free tow. They will receive their tax receipt in the next week, or two.

An Ontario Saturn Vue donor offered some reassuring feedback,

“The whole operation was painless.”

I mean, sometimes painless is all we need, right? You can expect speedy, cheerful, free donor support whenever you gift a charity with your vehicle. We sure do hope that will be painless every time!

Singing Saturn donors praises

Honour a beloved pet. Help the cause you care about. Retire an old cars; donate a vehicle that can be re-sold. The tried-and-true process here will serve you, whatever your motivation.

Connor’s generosity of spirit and his quiet diligence in doing good are reflected in vehicle donations in every province in Canada! 

Our Saturn donors will keep right on doing the good that they do. We will be right here, ready to serve them with gratitude! Moreover, we will keep the process simple, quick, and free for them.

Further to that, there is no cost to the charity you champion. Any and all of them will be able to continue the work(s) that only they can do. As our supervisor, Kirsten, said just this week, “We’re just here to help keep the wheels on the bus and the lights on!”

Help your caring cause today!

In just a few easy steps you’ll be on your way to turning your Saturn (running, or not) into donation dollars. First, click the button below. In a few minutes we’ll have your donation form. Next, you’ll get a call to set up your free tow. Then? You just sit back and wait for your tax receipt!

We look forward to serving you!

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