Where Can I Donate My Car? 10 Provinces | 1,000’s of Charities

“Where can I donate my car?” That’s easy! Donate a vehicle in any province in Canada, for ANY charity in Canada!

Where can I donate my car: Your charity of choice

We are so lucky to have the freedom to serve every Canadian charity through vehicle donation! It really is possible for you to choose any cause that you love when donating a car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle. As long as that charity is registered in Canada, we will disburse the net proceeds of re-sale or recycling right to them!

This all happens at $0.00 cost to the charity. They do not pay us to provide this service, and they are not subject to any sneaky hidden fees or obligations. We truly are here to facilitate this process for you, the donor, and for your charity.

Oh! Did we mention there is no cost to you either? Agents in every province in Canada are set up to serve you with a free pick-up or hiker service!

Donors sometimes wonder who the “best” charity is for their car donation. Our answer to that is an easy, “The one you love!”

Your charity will not actually deal with your vehicle in any way. There are not better re-sale or recycle outcomes based on which charity is receiving the gift. Donation amounts are all determined by the metal industry, your location, and our ever-changing market.

Where can I donate my car: Your pin on the map

Vehicle donation is capably, quickly, and cheerfully supported from coast-to-coast in Canada. Every province has multiple regions where free tow support is happening every day.

That said, we do need to shuffle our feet apologetically here just a little.

If you are located in the territories, or in a more remote part of your province, we may be unable to get to you.

This is not for lack of wish and will! Your vehicle counts, and your hope to serve your charity is so important. Our limitations in this are due to industry service providers. If you happen to be in one of the areas we can’t reach, do contact us anyway? We are always at-the-ready to sign on new agents in previously unsupported areas! If we can find a way to process your vehicle for donation we certainly will.

I’m actually a charity representative — How do I sign up for this?

Welcome Charity Rep! We are so glad you’re here. When you sign up with us you will be added to the drop down list of organizations that donors select from when they are submitting their vehicle for donation.

We have a careful-but-seamless process for getting you on our easy access list of charities.

If you pop over to our “Fundraising” button on the home page of our website you will be taken to a charity portal. From there you will be provided necessary documentation for our joyful collaboration. You will also be given direct contact information for our charities coordinator. They will be your guide in getting things like your website links set up so your donors know they can gift you in this unique way.

I’m a donor and I’m ready to roll!

If the answer to “Where can I donate my car?” is landing with a little sparkplug energy, you’re almost there!

Simply fill in your online form (you can just click the red button below). This will take less than 10 minutes if you have your VIN, make, and model ready.

Then, watch your inbox. We will stay in careful contact about next steps, and you will receive your tax receipt on the other side of the re-sale or recycling of your donation. You will also be provided contact options for us and your agent so that you can reach everyone as you wish.

We are excited to see your donation and look forward to serving you and the cause you care about!

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