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Giving time, money, and resources? It’s a big decision. When we consider donating a vehicle, you might wonder, What is the best charity to donate a car to?

Understanding vehicle donation in Canada

If you ask us, the best charity to donate a car to is…well…ANY charity that you love! No exaggeration, you can select any registered Canadian charity to receive your vehicle donation. It really is your choice!

A bit of clarification:

When you donate a van, truck, SUV, car, or motorcycle, the charity does not actually touch that vehicle.

There is a very good reason for that:

Charities are best served by monetary gifts. They need our dollars and cents. By turning your Dodge into ducats, your Subaru into simoleans, and your Beamer into bucks, we ensure the charity is not left wrangling a Gift in Kind.

The charity does not need to manage any costs or effort in towing, selling, or scrapping. They do not even need to touch the paperwork! That’s all taken of by ourselves, our supporting agents, and CanadaHelps!

Your donated vehicle will be re-sold or recycled. The net proceeds from that process will be disbursed to your chosen charity. You then receive a tax receipt.

But back to the best charity to donate a car to…

That said, you came here looking for the WHO of car donation, not the how!

Donate a Car Canada has been around for over a decade. When we began offering this service to charities we served just a handful. At the time, there was only one similar program in all of Canada, and it earned donations for just one charity.

Over time, we have formed partnerships with thousands of charities. Not seeing the charity you love on our list? Visit CanadaHelps for a comprehensive list of every Canadian charity you can imagine…and more!

The process we apply for donated vehicles is the same for every charity. The value of metal and processing costs are different in every province. That can impact the dollar value of your donation. Those outcomes are about the car and steel industry. The charities themselves do not have any control over how well a car will perform in the market. They are, however, so grateful for every dollar donation that comes from this unique way of donating to their work!

Making the choice that makes sense for you

When folks are donating a vehicle, the charity considerations often focus in on

  • Issues that have affected them and their loved ones.
  • Health-related charities.
  • Critters! Pets, Canadian wildlife, rescues, and shelters!
  • Community-based efforts: this can be anything from seniors to special needs to caring for a local park.
  • First responders, faith-based charities, and the arts are all up for your choice, too!

Ready to roll in a donation?

If you have decided for yourself who the best charity to donate a car to might be, we are a click or a call away! This will be quick, simple, and absolutely free for you.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, too. There you will be able to keep up-to-date on posts. We love to showcase amazing donors and charities in every province in Canada!

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