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‘Wondering if you can donate a hybrid vehicle? We can help! Whether it’s a hearty re-sale for thousands of donation dollars, or a recycle outcome, your charity of choice is going to benefit.

Did you know you can donate a car to any Canadian charity? Your car, your cause! Your unused, unwanted car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle adds up to valuable donation dollars for the charity you are passionate about.

Donate a hybrid, make a difference

If you have spent any time on our website or Google reviews, you might have already spotted the community caring that goes on around here? One of our charities recently wrote,

There is a direct correlation with the number of donations we receive to the number of people we can reach to help them with their decision to become an organ donor as well as any concerns or questions they might have regarding becoming a live organ donor. Donate a Car has been a big part in supporting the Canadian Transplant Society and we truly owe them much gratitude for their insight and generosity. Thank you so much Donate a Car.

Transplant Society

The charity you love (and we do mean ANY charity in Canada…in ANY province in the country) will welcome your car donation. There is no cost to your charity for this care, and every dollar can go to their meaningful work.

Getting it right for your charity of choice

Donate a Car Canada has been caring for Canada’s charities for over a decade. By either re-selling or recycling your donated hybrid, we work to get the highest donation possible for your cause.

When selecting the charity you wish to donate to, you might start by thinking close to home. What is the care that is most affecting you and yours right now? Perhaps the concern of the moment is Canada’s wildlife, or conservation? We have charities for that! If health is top priority, there is a charity tending the very aspect of physical wellbeing that you would like to support.

Choosing the cause when you donate a hybrid

Animal care, shelter, and rescue charities are top-choice charities for car donors. Charities promoting inclusion-affirmation-equity need vehicle donations, too! Theatre and the arts, literacy, and education are all held up by supporting charities. You can donate your car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle their way as well!

Vehicle donation really is all about what matters to you: your car, your cause, your tax receipt.

Take the time you need to select your charity. Scroll our Reviews to learn what it has been like for donors and charities alike to experience this kind of donation.

Reach out to one of your favourite charities to talk to them about what it has been like for them to receive vehicle donations. If they have not yet had that experience? No problem! Your donation will be the one that ensures they are added to our donation form drop-down list. That way, every future donor will have the chance to select them as Charity of Choice!

I’m a charity representative – how do we sign up?

We’re glad you’re here! Please visit our “Fundraising” page for our step-by-step process. We will make this as simple and accessible as possible for you. There is no cost to you as a charity. We even provide printable and digital promotional materials made just for you!

‘Want to talk to a live, funny, and capable human instead of scouring the website? Call 1-877-250-4904 and ask for Cory, our charity coordinator. They will be happy to assist!

I’m ready to donate a vehicle! What do I do now?

This is all as easy as 1-2-3 for you and for your charity!

  1. Fill in your online form. Just click the red button below and in less than 10 minutes you will be on your way to a free tow! Trouble with the form? ‘Just want to talk to a real person before you get started? Call in to 1-877-250-4904. We are happy to assist!
  2. Then, sit back and wait for your supporting agent to call to arrange pick-up timing that suits you best.
  3. Next, watch your inbox for your tax receipt.

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