Motorhome & RV Donations | Extend the Legacy

MotorhomeIs your RV ready for her last camping trek? Is your motorhome, having served your family well, ready to make some memories with another young tribe? Making decisions for end of life recreational vehicles can be emotional...and costly. Maybe we can help? Continue reading "Motorhome & RV Donations | Extend the Legacy" →

Car Restoration Project Nets $1800.00 for Charity

Car Restoration This cherry red Datsun 240z was a heart-stopper in her prime! My 18 year old son happened to be wandering past while I was working on posting the photos of the ol' girl to our Donate a Car blog, "Wow. That's amazing. When I'm rich I'm going to drive a cool car like that!" If car restoration is your thing, then a vehicle like this is your dream come true, too! Continue reading "Car Restoration Project Nets $1800.00 for Charity" →

Coming up Short Selling a Second Hand Car? You’re Not Alone!

Second Hand CarIf you've recently listed a second hand car for sale online, or in your local Auto Trader, you know that even an OBO (Or Best Offer) sale can be as elusive as getting your actual listing price. These are tough times in the world of used car sales. Why? Not for the reasons you might imagine. Continue reading "Coming up Short Selling a Second Hand Car? You’re Not Alone!" →

Extreme Weather and Your Car

extreme weatherExtreme Weather. As Winter works her way across our country with predictably unpredictable surges of warmth and chill, our sea coast dwellers, orchard planters, and unseasonably warm Albertans will tell you that, regardless of where you stand on the issue of climate change, there are some strange things happening with the weather. Continue reading "Extreme Weather and Your Car" →

Corporate Giving | A Valentine for Canada

Corporate GivingAsk any of our team here at Donate a Car Canada and we’ll tell you, we have the best job in the country! Working for a small company that’s making a big difference is a great reason to jump online every day. 364 days of the year, day or night, we’re here to help you help the cause you love. Continue reading "Corporate Giving | A Valentine for Canada" →

Porsche Proceeds to Cancer Charity

When John’s ‘88 Porsche 928 rolled into our program, we didn’t know what to porscheexpect. The old girl had a lot of miles under the hood, and the transmission was done. Ontario is notoriously tough on cars (that road salt just eats away at everything), and we weren’t sure if there would be anything left of this little black beauty after almost 30 years on the road. Continue reading "Porsche Proceeds to Cancer Charity" →

Thank You | Gratitude for $1.5 Million Charity Dollars in 2015

We're bursting with gratitude as we share the news that we've had our best donation year ever. With over 700 charities receiving through our program, we shared over one million dollars in gifts in 2015! Here are just a few of the things we want to thank you for as we close the books on the past year: thank you Thank you for letting us help you clear your driveway of that quirky rust bucket. And for the privilege of sorting out a sale on that Beauty that is definitely not ready for the scrap heap. We love those auction-ready cars! Thanks for reminding the tow agent that he'll need to wear high boots to wade through all of the mud the ol' Ford has been sitting in for the past few years. Thank you for re-homing all of the squirrels that were living in your recycle-ready car. Continue reading "Thank You | Gratitude for $1.5 Million Charity Dollars in 2015" →

Big Change | Small Change | It All Adds Up

big change small changeAs we point our hearts and minds toward a hopeful new year, we do it in the happy knowledge that we are all in this together. Big vehicle, or small vehicle, your sacrifice matters. Big charity, or  small charity, your gift helps. Big change, small change, every penny added makes a difference! Continue reading "Big Change | Small Change | It All Adds Up" →