ALS Society Gifts Rolling In

ALS Society ALS Society charities receive car, truck, van, SUV, and motorcycle donations. From Halifax to Victoria, Canadians are impacted by ALS. Not surprisingly, their response is to give...big! Continue reading "ALS Society Gifts Rolling In" →

The ALS Society Vehicle Donation Nets Over $10, 000.00

One Calgary man's donation on behalf of the ALS Society will make a strong ALS Societyimpact. His BMW netted $10544.75 on sale day! Our donation outcomes in the thousands of dollars do put a bounce in our step.   We are equally grateful for every steady-on recycle-ready vehicle that rolls through our program! Despite continuing instability in the metal industry, our agents continue to pay the highest prices they can, ensuring that your charities of choice see incremental gifts each month. Continue reading "The ALS Society Vehicle Donation Nets Over $10, 000.00" →

ALS Society Donations | Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge

Just two years ago we saw a chilly fundraiser go viral. The Ice Bucket Challenge became a broadly known and fabulously successful means of ramping-up awareness the ALS Society. Originally it was a private call between friends to pick a good cause  and pass along the dare. It quickly became so much more!. Continue reading "ALS Society Donations | Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge" →

BTO is Takin’ Care of Business!

By Shandra Carlson

Takin’ Care of Business (every day)/ Takin’ Care of Business (every way).

Just like BTO, that’s what we do at Donate A Car Canada too! When donors advise, “My Wheels Won’t Turn,” we are happy to help! We facilitate the donation process, transforming their vehicle into dollars for their charities of choice. Continue reading "BTO is Takin’ Care of Business!" →