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Just two years ago we saw a chilly fundraiser go viral. The Ice Bucket Challenge became a broadly known and fabulously successful means of ramping-up awareness the ALS Society. Originally it was a private call between friends to pick a good cause  and pass along the dare. It quickly became so much more!. does a great job of showing the chronology of the ice bucket challenge and the scope of it’s impact, noting that in just a few short weeks the ALS Society added to their donor list by hundreds of thousands of givers!

Single fund raising events, online challenges, and calls for donations via social media ensure a much longer reach for the hundreds of charities deserving our time, our heart, and our financial support.

Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge

Maybe you’re ready for a different sort of one-time challenge of your own? It’s not every year that we’ll be in a position to donate a vehicle. In fact, it’s more likely that we don’t want to be in a position to donate a car more than twice in a lifetime! If that time is now for you and your family, consider the donation of a Chevy Tahoe managed through our program: $3566.25 for the ALS Society. A one time gift can have a refreshing impact — even without the ice!

That same donor, just a year later, gifted a second vehicle! We’re in the accounting process on that one, but it looks like his hard working, high mileage Lexus is going to result in a gift of over $3000.00 to the Canadian Mental Health Association!

Giving matters. Your gift helps. However you do it, and with your own creative spin, you’re making a change in the world!

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