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The ALS Society has faithful donors supporting their work via vehicle donations. From Halifax to Victoria, Canadians are impacted by ALS, and their response is to give.

ALS Society partnering with Donate a Car Canada to receive your gift

The ALS Society and its important work are impacting Canadians. In March of 2017, Donate a Car Canada blogged about a $10,544.00 donation through a single car donation!

In August 2017, Donate a Car Canada is processing 37 new vehicle donations on behalf of ALS-affected donors.

Some, like a 1980 Buick Park Avenue in Thunder Bay, will be recycled. The same will happen with Javid’s Altima in Halifax, Gregory’s Victoria LeSabre, and Kathleen’s Grand Marquis in Nepean. Their donation amounts will reflect what’s happening in the current metal market, province-by-province.

Others, like an ’06 Pontiac G6 in Calgary (or that $10,000.00 BMW donated in springtime), will be considered for re-sale. DACC assesses each vehicle individually. If a vehicle is newer than 10 years of age, has less than 200,000 kms on the odometer, and is in running condition, our agents may attempt to sell the car as-is to the highest bidder. The net proceeds from the sale are then sent off to the ALS Society to be put to good work.

How does a vehicle donation work? Will it cost anything?

It is important to Donate a Car Canada that the ALS Society is not charged any fees. Administration costs are kept to a minimum. There are also no costs to the donor.

Upon receipt of payment, DACC will apply a cost-of-business administration fee and forward the net proceeds to the ALS Society. The charity will then issue a tax receipt, in the name of the registered vehicle owner.

If you are ready to submit your own vehicle for donation Donate a Car Canada is ready to help!
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