Remembrance Day

Remembrance DayRemembrance Day serves as an annual reminder of the best and worst of our human condition. We give our lives to save one another; we take lives. This week we remember the sacrifices that have been made. Canadians enjoy life in a land that is prosperous and free thanks to those who serve.

The Little Red Flower

By: Art MacPherson

It was a cool and cloudy day, like many we had seen before,
The people young and old came out to honor those who went to war.
And Veterans, fewer now this year, still braved the cold to reappear
As they had done year after year, trying to fight off a bitter tear.

Before the epitaph of stone, it seemed each veteran stood alone
With memories deeply stamped within, recalling how it all had been.
The crowd assembled on that day was proud of those who gave their all
Those who made it back alive, and those whose fate it was to fall.

Then I saw a little lad, who held the hand of a gray-haired gent,
The youngster seemed oh so proud, of the older man, now tired and bent.
And then I heard the child implore “what’s that small red flower for”?
He paused a bit and then replied, “To grow, for those who fought and died.”

When I was just a lad you know, we had to leave our homes and go
To distant places ‘ cross the sea, to fight a fight for Liberty.
I know that’s hard for you to see, that some should die for you to be
Standing here in a peaceful land, happy, healthy… hold my hand.

The little flowers on our chests are just to say a simple thanks
To those young folks who gave their all, amid the bombs and guns and tanks.
So my dear child please come each year, and wet the flower with a tear
To keep it growing , though we be gone, our sacrifice may still live on

(Remembrance Day Poems, The Little Red Flower, Art MacPherson,

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