Donate a Car Reviews | 3 Ways to Reach 5 Stars!

Canadian car, truck, van, SUV, and motorcycle donors give BIG! Their generous Donate a Car reviews are in, too. Donor, plus charity-of-choice, plus excellent donor care equals a triple win!

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Chevy Donation | 3 Quick Steps

Do you have a Chevy donation on your mind? Did you know you can donate to any charity in Canada? It's so easy...and so free!

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Betty White Challenge

Betty White

It's time for the Betty White Challenge 2023! Betty captured our hearts and our imaginations for a lifetime. Canadians continue her caring ways by giving!

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Tesla Model X Sparks Huge Donation for Kids’ Hospital


It isn't every day that a Tesla whirrs to our donation-ready attention! To say that we were electrified at the thought is an understatement. This generous donor went from curious to committed in one phone call. And oh, what a difference they have made!

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