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Toyota donors are a welcome sight at Donate a Car Canada. A sale-ready Venza earned the donor’s charity over $3,000.00 this summer! Your Camry or Corolla can earn donation dollars in the hundreds for your Canadian charity.

A Venza & a low-profile charity

The Society of Saint-Vincent de Paul is our Venza donor’s charity of choice. This boots on the ground charity is serving our country’s poor from coast to coast.

They are a lay Catholic organization whose mission is:

“To live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy. The Mission of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul implies that (they) see Christ in anyone who suffers. (They) come together as a family, have personal contact with the poor and help in all possible ways.” And they’re continuing to serve in this way in pandemic conditions.

This was the cause our Toyota Venza donors got behind.

Much more than an old car

The Society that our donor’s support effects felt-need change. When our partnered agent re-sold their Venza, the donors were able to gift over $3,000.00 to the charity.

By the numbers: 145,000 homes were visited in the past year. 337,000 individuals were served, and half of those were kiddos. The charity volunteers visited over 3,000 inmates. And those volunteer hours? One million, three hundred and fifty thousand!

And just like that we get a little glimpse into what one generously donating family, and one little Toyota can do!

Help the charity you love – donate your Toyota!

Toyota donations are just one vehicle make earning donations for cross-Canada charities. Our Venza donors had a beautiful donation experience,

Thank you, Donate a Car Canada, for offering such a helpful service that connects folks like me who have a vehicle to dispose of and Canadian charities that need help.

Our work here is to come alongside you in doing your own kind of Good! We’ll make the process as easy as we can. Our agents will do the heavy lifting. Your charity will receive a monetary gift that allows them to do the work they are just-so suited for. And you will get a tax receipt.

As one of our recent Google-review donors noted, “It’s a win-win-win!”

You are also invited to contact and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! From there, you’ll be able to keep up to date on our program as well as see posts that showcase our amazing donors and charities across the country!

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