Netflix: Imagination Buffet

Netflix cannot churn new material out fast enough for me. Can you relate? A verydisrupted 2020 has me getting to know the overindulgent Me. I’m interacting with media with about as much discrimination and self-control as I would a cruiseline buffet. Which is to say, there is little rational thought, and zero moderation!

First stop, the salad bar

We all approach a buffet with good intentions. Our rational Selves say, “I’m in control! I’ll start with a light salad to lead into a modest main course. I’ll have just a taste of desert with coffee to finish the meal.” This cool-calm vanishes at the first glimpse of taco salad and it’s mayhem from there.

Netflix has stepped-up to the pandemic challenge with all the fervor of a Vegas buffet. Six months ago we were logging in to that virtual wonderland with a little light-eating curiosity, and an hour to spare. ‘Watch a movie. Catch-up on a series. Give a “new” (I know, I know. That’s another blog!) release a try.

Almost a year into a life-altering virus and we’re rabid consumers. WHERE is the (actually) new content? We’re not grazing, now. No green salad and light dressing for us. We’re on the hunt. We want more. It doesn’t even need to be fresh or flavorful at this point. Just entertain us…now…and to a glutenous extent!

ps: Have you watched, “We are the Champions“? Fun!

On to desert

Somewhere around mid-July of 2020 we licked-clean our sixth plate from the entrĂ©e section of the buffet. “The Crown,” and Zac’s, “Down to Earth” are well behind us. All that’s left is to dive in to the desert table.

Happily, there’s some tasty fare for car lovers to be found. Netflix has a warmer full of entertainment for car aficionados. Actually, these series’ are a win for anyone looking for some exciting (buckle-up for the curves!), competitive, speed-loving couch time.

Hyperdrive and Rust to Riches are my current favorites. In Hyperdrive, you’ll see racers from around the world vie for top spot. This series screams through an ever-changing course of challenging drifts and obstacles. You’ll care. Like, really, really care about the racers, and their beleagured rides, by series end.

Rust to Riches is less white-knuckling, and more, “Ooooh. That’s one gorgeous machine!” Follow the crew through a series of fix-and-flip projects that will easily wile away 45 minutes between snacks and homework.

I tell myself I’ll read a book

My higher Self knows that the pace at which I’m ingesting my Netflix-heavy diet isn’t sustainable. A little balance is in order. And I’m realistic about that: I’m never going to be a human that exercises willpower in the face of three kinds of macaroni casserole. With six kinds of bread that I can toast myself! But a little effort in punching the power button on the remote may have good effect? Until then, I’ll keep silently (or…not so silently) willing my media providers to keep churning out a cornucopia of Must See tv.

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