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Eco-minded charities like the WWF are receiving car donations annually. Ghost gear, polar bears, turtles, and sustainable ways for you and I to help? World Wildlife Fund has it all!

Narwhals and butterflies

WWF Canada advocates for critters of all kinds. And they take action on behalf of those same creatures. Actively working to heal our oceans and their inhabitants is a big undertaking. Check out their website for beautiful insight into how one amazing sea-creature reflects the health of the planet:

” Like polar bears, the narwhal depends on sea ice for its existence and can be directly impacted by climate change. Living in remote and inaccessible parts of the high Arctic, no other ice whale is as sensitive to the effects of climate change. As the Arctic warms at an unprecedented rate, narwhals will be confronted with changes to their migratory routes, new predators and noise pollution from shipping and development.”

Keeping an eye on the globe

The World Wildlife Fund of Canada is sounding an alarm. Their Living Planet Report for 2020 calls us to action: we must walk more gently upon the earth. She’s groaning under the weight of our consumption. This is so, regardless of our political position on “climate change,” and “global warming.” Whatever our personal views, can we agree with WWF Canada that the planet is hurting?

Here is a sobering look at the numbers,

What can we do to help…today?

“From participating in a shoreline cleanup, to starting a native plant garden, to becoming a Living Planet Leader, there‚Äôs something for everyone eager to make a difference for nature with WWF Canada! “

Plant a garden rich in native plants. Clean up a shoreline. Advocate for sustainable practices in your work place. Or, go big with a vehicle donation: This Fall Donate a Car Canada re-sold a Honda CRV that resulted in a $2,000.00 donation for the WWF!

How donating your car helps

The end of life process for our old cars can be messy. Really messy! By recycling your old vehicle you can earn valuable donation dollars for charities like WWF Canada. But your gift does more than that: you ensure safe disposal of metals, fluids, and rubber. In many cases, parts can be re-used or re-purposed.

‘Don’t have a recycle-ready vehicle? Donate your newer, running vehicle and allow us to facilitate it’s re-sale, like we did with that CRV. Good for you, your charity, and the planet!

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