Alzheimer Charities on the Hearts of Canadians

Charity choice is personal. We give where our hearts live. For many of us, the Alzheimerimpact of compromised health and the loss of loved ones is at the center of our giving decisions. Alzheimer - related charities are on the receiving side of many of your gifts. Seeing high sale outcomes on donated vehicles for these causes is a hopeful relief! Continue reading "Alzheimer Charities on the Hearts of Canadians" →

WMRCC Durham Gala Invitation

WMRCCWMRCC of Durham’s Board of Directors and staff  would like to invite you to their 2016 Gala of Hope. The gala is on Saturday May 28th, 2016. Tickets are $100 each or $1000 for a table of 10 people. Every ticket matters and your support will make a difference in the lives of women, youth and children who use these programs and services. Continue reading "WMRCC Durham Gala Invitation" →

Double Donation Benefits Cerebral Palsy Charity

Cerebral Palsy I was talking with one of our hard-working towing agents this morning and, between shop talk, he said, "I love your donors. Every last one of them is so nice." This comes as no surprise to us, and one of the proofs is in the double-donation generosity we often see. Just recently a Calgary family donated 2 vehicles to their charity of choice, the Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta. Continue reading "Double Donation Benefits Cerebral Palsy Charity" →

Spring Cleaning | From Closet to Carport

Spring CleaningHave you got the bug already? That not-so-quiet chittering in the back of your mind that's rallying the cry to clean out the cupboards, dust out the corners, and organize the garage? Spring cleaning is top of mind as we go into the Easter long weekend and enjoy an early season, coast to coast. Continue reading "Spring Cleaning | From Closet to Carport" →

Car Restoration Project Nets $1800.00 for Charity

Car Restoration This cherry red Datsun 240z was a heart-stopper in her prime! My 18 year old son happened to be wandering past while I was working on posting the photos of the ol' girl to our Donate a Car blog, "Wow. That's amazing. When I'm rich I'm going to drive a cool car like that!" If car restoration is your thing, then a vehicle like this is your dream come true, too! Continue reading "Car Restoration Project Nets $1800.00 for Charity" →

ALS Society Donations | Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge

Just two years ago we saw a chilly fundraiser go viral. The Ice Bucket Challenge (originally a private call between friends to just pick a cause that they cared about and pass along the dare) became a broadly known, and fabulously successful, means of ramping-up awareness and bringing in funds for the ALS Society. Continue reading "ALS Society Donations | Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge" →

Coming up Short Selling a Second Hand Car? You’re Not Alone!

Second Hand CarIf you've recently listed a second hand car for sale online, or in your local Auto Trader, you know that even an OBO (Or Best Offer) sale can be as elusive as getting your actual listing price. These are tough times in the world of used car sales. Why? Not for the reasons you might imagine. Continue reading "Coming up Short Selling a Second Hand Car? You’re Not Alone!" →