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From St. John’s to Camrose, Toronto to Victoria, Honda CRV donors are giving money to charity. Crazy COVID times aren’t slowing Canadian car donors down. They’re revving up the donations, one car at a time!

How MUCH does a CRV help?

Last week we talked about how our tax receipt amounts are determined. Our 3 option process is definitely affected by a vehicle’s year, make, and model.

Honda and Toyota donations can bring sturdy donation returns. They’re just great vehicles, and they can go for years…and years! We’ve seen 20 year old Honda Accords re-sell for hundreds of dollars for charity.

In just the last few months we’ve had two Honda CRV donations that really filled our We Love This Job tank. Both happened to be donated in Ontario. Despite each being over a decade old, with mileage of over 200,000 kms per vehicle, they sold strong!

Our Mississauga donor drew a donation of $1400.00 for the MS Society. Richmond Hill’s CRV rolled up at over $1900.00 for the World Wildlife Fund!

This is easy!

Donors often come to us uncertain of how best to manage their donation. Can it be re-sold? Should it be recycled? Our MS Society donor had a non-running Honda CRV. Determining how best to process such a gift was outside their wheelhouse.

That’s where we (and our always-helping) agents come in. This method of vehicle “disposal” is so easy for the donor. We gather your donation information via an online form. This is a 10 minute project (do-it-yourself, or with a little phone support from us). We forward the information necessary for towing on to our participating agent nearest you.

And then we wait for payment. Once Donate a Car Canada has that monies in hand, we disburse your gift to whatever charity you’ve picked. The most effort you’ll have to apply (as the donor) is that donation form!

Simple for the charities, too

Furthermore, our 900+ receiving charities have a simplified process. They are not saddled with trying to manage the acceptance, assessment, and selling of donated vehicles. But they do get all of the benefits of that process in the form they need it most: a cash donation.

They’re only task? We ask that they provide you your tax receipt within two months of receiving the monetary return on your donated vehicle.

I want to try this!

You’re a click away. Have the year, make, model, and VIN for your vehicle at hand. We’ll also ask for a mailing address (for your tax receipt), and a pick-up location (for the vehicle).

This is just as easy for estate vehicles. We process running and non-running cars and trucks. Your company vehicle can go through the process, too!

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