Strong Family, Strong Community

Building a strong family is a work of time. A creative endeavor. It is a loving and patient, always adapting, beautiful mess. Vehicle donors in Canada help this cause. Where families (whatever shape they may come in) are healthy, the community is too. Read more about how some of Canada’s charities take this work to heart.

Feeding the body

Canadian food banks are working hard in tough times. Keeping pantries and fridges stocked is key to helping families thrive. Explore our charities list for one that is serving in your area.

Charities like Carya reach toward the felt needs of young and old alike. Their vision? “Strong families and communities for generations.”

Their key objectives?

  • Childhoods that prepare and propel youth towards future success
  • Parents who are confident, enabled and supported
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Security of housing and food supply for the city’s vulnerable
  • Early literacy and lifelong learning  across the age-span
  • High school for vulnerable teens and tweens
  • Socially connected and safe communities for all
  • Long-term poverty reduction through education, resources and community
  • Access to opportunity for every gender, race, creed, financial position, background and sexual orientation

Feeding the mind

As you’ve seen, Carya has a bit of this covered, too! Happily, they are not alone.

Strong Start is all about helping build a strong family through literacy. They recently reached out to us say, “…(we) applaud your work in our communities!” New to our program, they’ve received one donation so far. We’re excited about giving Canadian vehicle donors the option to choose this important work! Here’s more about how this charity helps:

Tending the heart

From kids’ camps to hospitals, Canada helps. Food banks and faith-based programs, and everything in between — we take care of each other. The crisis support of programs like Kids Help Phone is essential. Programs that offer joy and creative spark like our theatre programs are just as important! Your gift, whatever your passion, matters:

How you can help

Your strong family, your strong community are the heart of a healthy Canada.

Help our charities in their boots-on-the-ground work. You can do that by visiting their websites. Just click on their donation options link. You’ll find wish lists, action items, volunteer possibilities, and more.

Car donation is an effective help, too. Your vehicle donation becomes an extension of your own strong family legacy. Metal, wheels, and a half-full gas tank will translate into much-needed donation dollars for your charity of choice!

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