Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck controversy

The Tesla Cybertruck is here, and it’s creating stir!

Popular Mechanics’ Take

The Tesla Cybertruck, says Popular Mechanics, is a little bit Blade Runner. It’s also definitely a conversation starter, and certainly not bullet proof. Eric Adams notes,

“The design overall is a bit awkward and ungainly, particularly around the wheel wells and some of the proportions, but I get what they’re going for—something futuristic, surprising, and thoroughly avant-garde.

In that sense the truck is a smashing success. Its front light bar and roof bar are brilliant, its high waistline slices crisply down the side and projects outward, adding an extra dimension to the exterior, and its profile slopes down to the front, adding a bit of Mad Max-ian urgency and speed to the car’s vibe. Its triangular cab is more at home off-world than in the Home Depot parking lot, but it does cap off a thoroughly executed, highly conceived design. They went for it with this truck.

Ultimately, it may not appeal to a lot of conventional truck-driving folk, but it could also create a whole new class of enthusiasts for the segment, the brand, and electrification itself.”

Yours for $39, 900

At $40,000, the Cybertruck is not unreasonable for those in the market for a pick-up. Tesla offers single, dual, and tri-motor options. For $7000.00 extra you can enjoy the self-driving option.

Curious about how the new Tesla compares to your Ford? Motor Trend compares it with the F150-Raptor (the world’s best selling truck). Check out Nick Yekikian’s match-up, Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ford F-150 Raptor: Off-Road Champ Meets Off-World Newcomer.

Out with the old

‘Thinking of donating your old truck? Granted, a self-driving Tesla may be out of reach as a replacement! But, perhaps a good ol’ Dodge Ram is within reach. Consider donating your old vehicle sale proceeds to your charity of choice.

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