Porsche Proceeds to Cancer Charity

When John’s ‘88 Porsche 928 rolled into our program, we didn’t know what to porscheexpect. The old girl had a lot of miles under the hood, and the transmission was done. Ontario is notoriously tough on cars (that road salt just eats away at everything), and we weren’t sure if there would be anything left of this little black beauty after almost 30 years on the road. Continue reading "Porsche Proceeds to Cancer Charity" →

Refugees in Canada | Uncommon Courage

“While every refugee’s story is different and their anguish personal, they all share a common thread of uncommon courage -- the courage not only to survive, but to persevere and rebuild their shattered lives. ” ~ Antonio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees ~ Continue reading "Refugees in Canada | Uncommon Courage" →

Effective Altruism in Canada

A Merry Christmas! call out to savvy donors everywhere: have you heard of "effective altruism,"Effective Altruism yet? There's a movement coming out of the UK that is a generous invitation to give thoughtfully, efficiently, mindfully -- a joyful challenge at this charitable time of year.  Continue reading "Effective Altruism in Canada" →

One Family | Multi-Model Gifts

Gifts "WOW, HENRY!!! Thank you for entrusting us with a 5th vehicle through our program - we are so very appreciative of your generosity!" ~ Carolyne, DAC Donor Support ~ Since 2012, Mr. Stiksma and his family have been quietly popping up in our new donation notifications. One vehicle after another, they have contributed to charities that they love by sharing the vehicles that have served them well. Continue reading "One Family | Multi-Model Gifts" →

One Boy, One Bowflex, One Winning Battle

BowflexJust four years ago, Shane was a typical rough’n’tumble boy. In school, he was good in math but even better in gym class. He was strong and agile with energy to burn. Shane was in excellent physical condition and he effortlessly played a variety of sports, particularly flag football. Like most kids, he didn’t appreciate what his body was capable of, until leukemia took it all away. Continue reading "One Boy, One Bowflex, One Winning Battle" →

1950’s Auto Takes Us Back to a Simpler Time

1950's Auto DonationAutomated, auto-correct, automobile, automatic. In a world where auto is where it’s at, sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back into a simpler, slower time and savor the beauty. Mr. Fisher’s ‘56 Dodge C3B invited us to switch into auto pilot for a few minutes and just enjoy the ride. Continue reading "1950’s Auto Takes Us Back to a Simpler Time" →

BTO is Takin’ Care of Business!

By Shandra Carlson Takin’ Care of Business (every day)/ Takin’ Care of Business (every way). JustBTO like BTO, that’s what we do at Donate A Car Canada too! When donors advise, “My Wheels Won’t Turn,” we are happy to facilitate the donation process, transforming their vehicle into dollars for their charities of choice. Continue reading "BTO is Takin’ Care of Business!" →

Rosebud Theatre Supported With Dramatic Flare – Rural Alberta Style

Rosebud TheatreOur creative donors have submitted wheelchairs, scooters, speed boats, and lawn tractors. We’re presently processing a utility trailer, and there’s a sailboat sale in the works in Quebec that should wrap up any day now! The words, “If it’s got a motor we’ll take it!” are music to our ears here at, DAC, and when Ms. Wesley submitted her family’s old farm truck for donation, we were hopeful our agents would find a way to make her gift a go. Continue reading "Rosebud Theatre Supported With Dramatic Flare – Rural Alberta Style" →

Small Miracles, Big Impact: The Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society When I was an idealistic and invincible 17 year old girl Cancer took my Grampa. It wasn't kind. It wasn't quick. And an idealistic and invincible outlook showed its first cracks in my young life. Since that long-ago day, loved ones and friends have battled and beaten and succumbed to the many-faceted nuances of this one illness. Continue reading "Small Miracles, Big Impact: The Canadian Cancer Society" →

Your Donate Car | Local and Global Impact

Your “Donate” car (around here that’s short for, “DAC car,” or “Donate a Car Donate CarCanada car”) will be a source of support to the Canadian charity of your choice. Through resale and recycling, your gift will provide a monetary donation, making you part of the steady-on impact of everyday Canadians affecting extraordinary change. Continue reading "Your Donate Car | Local and Global Impact" →