Audi Donation Brings it Home for Homestart Foundation

This Audi donation knocked our wheels off at auction! See what one car can do to create the cozy of home!

Giving folks a head start on Home through Homestart

Good gracious, are these times tough on the pocket book! You may be working 7:00 am – 7:00 pm and still just struggling to keep the lights on. Ramped up costs from the pump to the grocery store are hitting Canadians hard.

That’s one place where Homestart can help out! They have a mission:

“To help those in our community with limited resources to achieve their desires for a comfortable home environment. We act as a support organization to charities that help people rebuild their lives.”

Because Home is where our hearts live

When times get wobbly and uncertainties run high, Home is what we reach for. For some, “home” is a person or a pooch. For others it’s a hut or a house or a hostel. Maybe the feeling of home that we’re reaching for is more about something on the inside of us.

However we connect with the idea of what Home is, it seems safe to say that it is one of those human rights we would love to see granted to all. Whatever our race, skin colour, financial means. Whomever we choose to love. However we might choose to worship, or to mark the ballot. We are all looking for the safety, companionship, and the nurture of home.

In some way, every vehicle donation is about Home

Canadian vehicle donors can select any (Really. ANY.) Canadian charity with their gift. And really, whether you choose the critters at the humane society, the hospital down the road, or your local foodbank, in some way you are thinking about home. The people (or critters), the place, and the wellbeing you value.

Homestart knows a thing or two about this!

Homestart is all about building and filling an actual home. They believe,

The home is the bedrock for individual growth, security, love and well being. But because of the circumstances of life, or financial limitations, some people are unable to put together a comfortable home environment.

They work to coordinate needs with generosity. “We pick up furniture, store it in our warehouse, and then deliver the furnishings and household effects to those with specific needs to enable them to establish a comfortable home environment. We provide an opportunity for the people of Greater Vancouver to achieve the double objectives of generosity and stewardship (reduce, reuse and recycle), by making available surplus household effects, in good condition, to those in need. $270.00 furnishes a home.

And that’s where the Audi comes in!

Homestart has been receiving vehicle donations through Donate a Car Canada for some time. But we’ve never seen anything quite like Joey’s donated 2015 Audi A3.

The car had been unused for two years. The battery was dead, and it was parked in a tight little spot. No problem! One of our cooperating auction houses deployed their exemplary tow crew to bring the car to auction.

Sale dale was a doozy! Bids ran strong, and the car raised a donation of $14,640.00 for Joey’s chosen charity: the above mentioned Homestart Foundation! That’s the makings for 54 homes!

‘Excited to share your unused or unwanted vehicle?

Vehicle donation is simple, quick, and free (for you and your charity). And your car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle really can go to any charity that means “home” to you.

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