“It’s from the heart.” Donor Extends Jeep Legacy

“How can I be sure the SPCA will get the the money for my Jeep?” When a Quebec critter care donor rolled our way, it was clear that extending the legacy of her Patriot was really important!

S.C weighs in on her 15 year-old friend

The first thing our SPCA Monteregie donor wished us to know was that she was the first and only owner of her Patriot. “I purchased it brand new in Edmonton Alberta for $26,000…The engine is great and the transmission also.”

The trusty old Jeep had served S.C. well and there was a list of wear-and-tear items to consider:

The four wheel drive was khaput, and the brakes were seized. The ol’ girl had been sitting for about half a year. A combination of dangling wires and rusty spots had her ready for her last ride.

Nonetheless, “I loved my jeep,” wrote S.C., “and so I decided that maybe an organization could…use it.”

A free tow and trip to the recycler and, Yes! The SPCA is all set to make good use of every donation dollar raised!

Praise for the Jeep

S.C. and her Patriot are part of a huge community of Jeep owners who love to donate. The Grand Cherokee is another model we see many of. Those trusty and long-lasting vehicles serve well. Even after they’re not drivable!

We’ve seen them roll through in all kinds of condition. Some get processed as recycle-ready (they’ve finally given their last chug). Many are re-sold at auction for higher donation amounts. Jeeps re-sell well. This is good for the donor and for the charity they’ve chosen.

Just Jeeps

If you’re a fan of this vehicle make, you may want to spend some time following Jerry Dadoun. He’s the author of JustJeeps.

In Jeep Parts: 75 Years Great Years of the Jeep he writes, “For 75 years, Jeep has managed to do what many manufacturers only dream of: produce iconic products that boast of utilitarian toughness while at the same time adapting to meet the needs of today in order to remain relevant. It is fair to argue that the first Jeeps were the pioneers of the SUV.”

Think Vintage, Think the 1975 Super Jeep is a nod to a rare find, “This is what happened: in the seventies, the American Motors Corporation sold the CJ-5 with alloy wheels. However, there arose complications with the supplier of the wheels, and this led to a temporary shortage. With or without the supplier, the production of the cars had to go on. Plan B was to use different wheels. The good news was that during this period there was a surplus of steel wheels that could be used. The downside of steel wheels was that they were ‘lesser’ wheels compared to the alloy wheels. What the manufacturers need to do was incentivize the buyers to go for this model regardless of the steel wheels-and hence an idea was born to offer unique paint jobs with matching interiors.

AMC was able to manufacture only 300 of the CJ-5 before a new shipment of the alloy for the wheels came in. That meant there were only 300 available ‘special edition’ jeeps that jeep lovers could buy. And as earlier mentioned, rarity breeds desire for possession. Out of the 300 Super Jeeps, very few are left today. And you can bet that most of those left are not really in immaculate condition.”

Donation ready?

Rarity, or run-of-the-mill, your Jeep can make a difference for the cause you love. If your hard working Jeep is ready for it’s end of life processing, or if you’re upgrading and just need someone to take care of the re-sale on your current vehicle, we can help!

Like S.C., you will have a simple, quick, and so rewarding experience. You can expect excellent (and happy!) customer service. Whether you call or click, the tow is always free. You can give to any charity in Canada, too!

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