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Have you checked in at the Weather Network recently? ‘Ever heard of an ice disc? Searching for reassurance that last (non)winter really did happen, this Alberta gal went looking for some perspective on the unrelenting (where are our Chinooks?!) chill of our winter, so far. The WN does not disappoint!

Visit the Weather Network¬†here for a quick overview of 2016’s Top Ten Weather Stories. From Fort McMurray’s Fire Beast to Windsor’s “$100 Million Gusher,” Canada experienced it all. The East Coast was particularly soggy.¬†The Prairies were predictably unpredictable. The Network notes the number of extreme weather events relative to the average:

2016 Prairie Severe Summer Weather
Tornadoes Hail Strong Winds Heavy Rain Total
2016 Numbers 48 368 108 40 564
30-year Average (1986-2015) 34 128 51 26 239

The site is a wealth of photographs, stories, and facts. Check them out for a look at weather here at home, and around the world.

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